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Karnataka Horror! 3 Men Kidnapped, Tortured And Electric Shock To Private Parts

In Karnataka's Kalaburagi district, kidnappers subjected three car dealers to electric shock torture on their private parts. The men were naked when the kidnappers administered the electric shocks, and videos of these disturbing acts went viral on social media.
09:39 AM May 12, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
karnataka horror  3 men kidnapped  tortured and electric shock to private parts

Kidnappers in Karnataka Kalaburagi district subjected three car dealers to electric shock torture on their private parts. The kidnappers administered electric shocks to the men's private parts while they were naked, and these disturbing videos went viral on social media.

On Saturday, police arrested seven individuals for brutally torturing the three men.

"Karnataka Police stated that circulating videos of males being beaten by other males while nude are circulating in Kalaburgi city. They registered an FIR on May 5 and have already arrested 7 accused individuals,"

Authorities identified those arrested as Imran Patel, Mohammad Matheen alias Steel Matheen, Mohammad Zia Ul Hussain, Mohammad Afzal Sheik, Hussain Sheik, Ramesh, and Sagar, all of whom were part of a larger gang. This prompted police to search for the remaining members.

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The victims lodged a complaint with the police at 9.30 pm on May 5, alleging that the accused had abducted them on May 4 under the pretext of inspecting a second-hand car.

The accused held the victims captive in an isolated location, physically assaulting them with sticks and pressuring them for money. They inflicted further torment by demanding additional funds from the victims.

The police have started a comprehensive investigation into the incident.

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