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Karnataka Shocker: Minor Boy Kills Aunt For Rejecting Sexual Advances, Tries To Conceal Murder As Heart Attack

The minor boy accused of the crime was at his aunt's home on Sunday and allegedly made sexual advances towards the woman while she was asleep. His maternal aunt resisted and scolded him, urging him to behave properly.
11:52 AM Jun 20, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
karnataka shocker  minor boy kills aunt for rejecting sexual advances  tries to conceal murder as heart attack
Karnataka News

Karnataka: In Karnataka, a minor boy, a Class 10 student, has been arrested for allegedly murdering his aunt after she rejected his sexual advances, police reported on Wednesday. The incident occurred in a village near Uppinangady town in Dakshina Kannada district. The police found the body of a 37-year-old woman at her home on Sunday night under circumstances that raised suspicions.

The accused minor boy was at her home on Sunday and allegedly made sexual advances towards the woman while she was sleeping. The woman, who was his maternal aunt, resisted and scolded him, asking him to behave properly.

The accused later confessed to the police that fearing the woman would disclose his actions to others, he smothered her to death using a pillow after she went back to sleep.

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After killing his aunt, the boy informed his father that she had suffered a heart attack and died. The police, however, grew suspicious upon finding the woman's body. His father also alerted the police to scratches on the accused's back.

When questioned by the police, the minor boy confessed that he used a pillow to smother his aunt to death. He explained that he must have received the scratches on his back while the woman was trying to push him away to escape.

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