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Man Faints After Excessive Laughter While Watching TV In Hyderabad, Know Why

His examination was normal, and he had no history of medical illness or medications. Dr. Kumar advised Mr. Shyam to avoid triggers like excessive laughter, stay hydrated, and lie down if feeling dizzy.
10:57 AM Jun 03, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
man faints after excessive laughter while watching tv in hyderabad  know why
Apollo Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Laughter is often considered the best medicine, but excessive laughter can sometimes have unexpected consequences, including a trip to the hospital. Recently, a 53-year-old man experienced a rare condition called laughter-induced syncope, as reported by Dr. Sudhir Kumar, a neurologist at Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad.

The incident took place while the man was enjoying family time, sipping tea, and watching a popular comedy show on TV. He found the show so hilarious that he couldn't stop laughing for several minutes. Suddenly, he lost control, leaned to one side, and fainted. In a post on X, the doctor mentioned, "His daughter noticed a few jerky movements of his hands."

Dr. Kumar explained that Mr. Shyam's daughter called for an ambulance. After a few minutes, Mr. Shyam showed signs of relief as he opened his eyes, recognized everyone, moved his arms and legs, and conversed with others. He had no memory of the incident, but by the time he arrived at the emergency room, he had completely recovered, and his clinical examination was normal. Dr. Kumar noted that Mr. Shyam had no history of any medical illness and was not on any medications, identifying the episode as laughter-induced syncope.

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Dr. Sudhir Kumar discussed the diagnosis with Mr. Shyam and his family, providing reassurance. He advised Mr. Shyam to avoid common triggers for syncope, such as excessive laughter, prolonged standing, and excessive physical exertion. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of staying well-hydrated. Dr. Kumar also recommended that Mr. Shyam lie down if he felt dizzy or experienced symptoms of pre-syncope, to ensure adequate blood flow to the brain. No medications were required to treat this condition.

The doctor explained that laughter-induced syncope is a rare condition. It occurs when excessive laughter increases pressure within the chest, which affects blood flow to the heart. This activates certain sensors in the body to react abnormally, causing a decrease in heart rate, dilation of blood vessels, lowering of blood pressure, and a temporary reduction in blood supply to the brain, leading to a brief loss of consciousness.

Research from the Cleveland Clinic suggests that fainting, also known as syncope, is typically not a serious problem, and most individuals do not need extensive treatment unless there is an underlying heart condition. However, it is wise to seek medical advice if you experience episodes of fainting.

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