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Noida Complex Horror: Lift's Brakes Fail, Smashes Into Roof On Reaching Top Floor

Allegations of irregular maintenance have been raised, prompting demands for an investigation from the Apartment Owners Association. This incident follows a series of lift-related tragedies in Noida, including fatalities.
01:23 PM May 13, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
noida complex horror  lift s brakes fail  smashes into roof on reaching top floor
Noida Lift Accident

Last night, a tragic incident occurred at a housing complex in Noida, where the brakes of an elevator malfunctioned, causing it to unexpectedly ascend through the roof of the top floor. Three individuals inside the elevator sustained injuries during this malfunction at the Paras Tierra Society in Sector 137.

The recent incident, coming mere months after an elderly woman lost her life in a lift accident at the same housing complex, has instilled a sense of panic among the residents.

Multiple instances of lift malfunctions resulting in fatalities have been reported in Noida over the past year. The notoriety surrounding these incidents prompted the Uttar Pradesh government to enact legislation mandating the maintenance of lifts to ensure their proper functioning and safety.

During the latest incident, the elevator malfunctioned while it was stationed on the fourth floor of Tower-5, with occupants in the process of disembarking. Suddenly, the brakes failed, causing the elevator to ascend rapidly. It continued its ascent unchecked, reaching the 25th floor and colliding forcefully with the ceiling.

According to residents, three individuals, including two women, who were inside the elevator at the time of the malfunction, sustained injuries. As a precautionary measure, both lifts in the tower have been closed, and residents have been advised to utilize the stairs until further notice.

The police have stated that the incident occurred due to a technical fault and is currently under investigation. They have reassured the public that all individuals involved have been safely evacuated from the situation. Additionally, they have pledged to take appropriate action against those found responsible for the incident.

Residents have alleged that irregular maintenance contributed to the malfunction of the lift.

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The Apartment Owners Association of Paras Tierra Society stated their intention to demand a thorough investigation into the incident from the architects and builders. They emphasized that the safety of the residents is paramount and pledged to take all necessary measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

In August last year, tragedy struck at the Paras Tierra Society when an elderly woman tragically passed away, reportedly due to a possible heart attack, following an incident where the lift cable snapped, causing a free fall between floors.

A month later, another devastating incident occurred when a lift crash resulted in the loss of eight lives at the under-construction Amrapali Dream Valley housing complex in Noida Extension.

In February of this year, the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly passed the Uttar Pradesh Lift and Escalator Bill, which mandates the registration of lifts and escalators upon installation. Additionally, the law includes provisions for insurance coverage and compensation in case of accidents or malfunctions.

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