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PM Modi Prioritizes Loyalty And Experience With Key Appointments Of Ajit Doval And PK Mishra

Ajit Doval retired as Director of Intelligence Bureau and Dr P K Mishra as Union Agriculture Minister.
06:17 PM Jun 13, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
pm modi prioritizes loyalty and experience with key appointments of ajit doval and pk mishra
Narendra Modi , Ajit Doval And PK Mishra

Ajit Doval was reappointed as India's National Security Advisor on Thursday, the government announced. PK Mishra has been reappointed as Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reappointed Dr P K Mishra as Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister and Ajit Doval as National Security Advisor, making the two retired bureaucrats the longest serving Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister.

PM Modi reinforces his team with trusted aides

Dr Mishra handles administrative matters and appointments in the PMO, while Doval handles national security, military affairs and intelligence.

A 1968-batch IPS officer, Doval brings a rare combination of strategic thinking and operational planning to the prime minister. He is a well-known counter-terrorism expert and nuclear weapons expert.

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Dr P K Mishra is a retired 1972 batch officer who worked with Prime Minister Modi for the past decade after stepping down as India's Agriculture Minister.

Both Dr Mishra and NSA Doval are most trusted by PM Modi as both were associated with him before he became NDA PM in 2014. Thanks to their knowledge, they keep a very low profile and the NSA Doval is completely absent. media and interviews.

NSA Doval is PM Modi's main interlocutor in the neighborhood and P-5 and deals with India's foreign intelligence agency RA&W PM. Doval is a classic spy with experience in Pakistan, Afghanistan and close ties to the Middle East.

NSA Ajit Doval was Prime Minister Narendra Modi's point man in countering PLA aggression on the Doklam Plateau in 2017 and in eastern Ladakh in 2020. He is also India's special representative on the border issue with China.

Since Ajit Doval served as Director of IB Operations in Punjab and Additional Director in Kashmir, the NSA has first-hand experience of Pakistan's evil designs in both sensitive areas. He also covered Khalistani extremism while serving in London and Pakistani Jihad while serving in Islamabad.

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