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Pune Teen Barred From Driving Until 25, Unregistered Porsche Raises Concerns

The 17-year-old Pune teen who is responsible for fatally hitting two motorcycle-borne IT professionals with his Porsche in Pune will be barred from obtaining a driving licence until he turns 25.
10:07 AM May 22, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
pune teen barred from driving until 25  unregistered porsche raises concerns
Pune teen's Porsche crash

Maharashtra Transport Commissioner Vivek Bhimanwar announced that the 17-year-old boy responsible for fatally hitting two motorcycle-borne IT professionals with his Porsche in Pune will be barred from obtaining a driving licence until he turns 25. Additionally, the permanent registration of the Porsche Taycan had been pending since March due to the owner's failure to pay a fee of Rs 1,758.

Bhimanwar stated to the PTI news agency on Tuesday that the luxury car involved in the accident in Kalyani Nagar would not be allowed to register at any Regional Transport Office (RTO) for 12 months, as its current temporary registration will be cancelled under the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act.

When presented at the Pune RTO, it was discovered that a specific registration fee was unpaid, and the owner was instructed to complete the payment. The car was initially sent to Pune on a temporary registration after being imported by a Bengaluru-based dealer, but was not returned to the RTO for final registration.

State transport officials clarified that road tax is exempt for electric vehicles in Maharashtra, and the registration fee for the Porsche Taycan was only Rs 1,758, comprising Rs 1,500 hypothecation fees, Rs 200 smart card RC fees, and Rs 58 postal charges.

The vehicle had a valid temporary registration from Karnataka, valid from March to September 2024. The dealer in Bengaluru was deemed not at fault, having completed the temporary registration before handing over the car.

While under temporary registration, vehicles can only be driven to and from the RTO. Bhimanwar stated that the Pune RTO was instructed to file a police complaint for the MV Act violations.

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Another transport department official added that the Porsche would be impounded for 12 months, citing the teen's gross negligence for driving over 160 kmph and allegedly under the influence of alcohol. Additional violations included driving without a licence and registration.

The teen will appear before a juvenile court in Pune on Wednesday after a new case was filed under Section 185 for driving under the influence. Previously, a culpable homicide case under Section 304 was filed, but he was granted bail within 14 hours due to being a minor.

Vishal Agarwal, the teen's father and a real estate developer, was arrested on Tuesday and will be produced in court today after medical tests. A state government hospital will release the teen's blood report on Wednesday. The police await the juvenile court's order before approaching a higher court. The two IT professionals killed in the crash were identified as 24-year-olds Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa from Madhya Pradesh.

Police seized a bill from Cosie Bar, where the minor spent Rs 48,000 before the accident that killed IT professionals Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa from Madhya Pradesh.

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