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Shahjahanpur: Father Kills Daughter For Rs. 600, Mother Watches In Silence

A shocking murder occurred in Shahjahanpur, UP, where a father slit his daughter's throat over just Rs. 600. Her mother witnessed the entire incident without intervening.
07:04 AM Jun 16, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
shahjahanpur  father kills daughter for rs  600  mother watches in silence

In Shahjahanpur, UP, a father shockingly murdered his daughter by slitting her throat for just Rs. 600, while her mother silently watched. The next day, neighbors informed the police, who then arrived, took the body for a post-mortem, and arrested the parents.

Superintendent of Police Ashok Kumar Meena reported that Purti Gupta's (24) body was found at her home in Kotwali, Shahjahanpur, on Thursday night. She had been murdered by having her throat slit. Initially, her parents claimed an unknown person had killed her, but the police investigation revealed that her father had killed her for Rs. 600.

SP Ashok Kumar Meena explained that Sanjay Gupta, Purti Gupta's father, had given her Rs. 600 a few days ago and demanded it back. When Purti refused, he became angry and slit her throat while she was sleeping. Vandana Gupta, Purti's mother, knew about the incident but did not report it to the police, making her an accomplice.

In May this year, a 23-year-old girl was murdered in Shahjahanpur. The police arrested her father and brother. On May 8, the girl's family reported her missing at the local police station. Her body was found in Jindpura forest on May 11. Following this, her father filed a murder case against seven people.

Upon deeper investigation, the police found it was a case of honor killing. They arrested the girl's father, Rajaram, and her brother, Vinod. The investigation revealed that Rajaram and Vinod strangled her because they doubted her character, then disposed of her body in the Jindpura forest. During interrogation, they confessed to the crime.

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