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SpiceJet Passengers Endure Hour-Long Wait Without AC Amid Severe Delhi Heatwave | WATCH

Passengers on SpiceJet Flight SG 476 endured an hour without air conditioning amid a Delhi heatwave, passengers were feeling unwell.
06:38 PM Jun 19, 2024 IST | Swechchha
spicejet passengers endure hour long wait without ac amid severe delhi heatwave   watch
Spicejet Passenger Feels Unwell After Non-Functioning Air Conditioner

SpiceJet flight SG 476 from Delhi to Darbhanga departed punctually at 11 am on June 19 as scheduled. However, passengers endured an hour-long wait inside the aircraft without air conditioning amid the scorching Delhi heatwave. The air conditioning functioned normally throughout the flight, confirmed upon arrival in Darbhanga. The return flight to Delhi also operated without any air conditioning issues, according to the airline.

Passengers reported enduring over an hour of discomfort, with some expressing feeling unwell during the incident. A video captured on board shows passengers sweating profusely and improvising fans with books and magazines.

Passengers complained that SpiceJet did not turn on the air conditioning at Delhi airport for about an hour after check-in on Flight SG 486 to Darbhanga. They described the interior temperature reaching 40 degrees Celsius, causing discomfort and suffering among passengers. The airline activated the air conditioning only after the flight took off.

According to an official statement from a SpiceJet spokesperson, the airline maintained that the flight was on schedule, and described the air conditioning as "inefficient" during boarding despite being operational.

"During boarding in Delhi, the air conditioning initially faced minor inefficiencies due to extreme weather conditions and the aircraft doors being open, as boarding was not through the aerobridge. The SpiceJet spokesperson stated that the doors were promptly closed after boarding was complete, and normal cooling operations resumed thereafter.

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The incident followed a similar one involving an IndiGo flight. A flight from Delhi to Bagdogra experienced a delay of over three hours at Indira Gandhi International Airport due to a technical issue attributed to "high ground temperatures." Passengers inside the aircraft observed that the air conditioning was not operational while the plane was parked on the tarmac, as shown in visuals.

"IndiGo flight 6E 2521 from Delhi to Bagdogra experienced delays attributed to operational challenges caused by high ground temperatures," stated the airline in a statement.

"IndiGo prioritizes passenger safety above all and is taking necessary steps to ensure a timely departure. Regular updates are being provided to passengers, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by circumstances beyond the airline's control," the statement further noted.

The IndiGo flight, initially planned for departure at 2:10 pm, eventually took off around 6:15 pm, as indicated on the online flight tracking platform FlightRadar24. Bagdogra airport is located near Siliguri in West Bengal.

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