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Tamil Nadu: Police Discover Dead Body In Parked Car On Highway, Arrest Two Suspects

During a highway patrol in Tamil Nadu, police found a woman's body in a car parked on the roadside. Further investigation uncovered that two individuals had collaborated to murder the woman and were attempting to dispose of her body. Upon noticing the police patrol, they abandoned the car on the roadside and fled the scene.
03:16 PM May 12, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
tamil nadu  police discover dead body in parked car on highway  arrest two suspects

Police discovered the dead body of a woman on the roadside in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, causing a sensation. While patrolling Dindigul Highway, the police inspected a car parked near Kodai Road and found the woman's body inside. Subsequently, Ammaiyakanur police arrived at the scene, retrieved the body from the car, and arrested two individuals in connection with the case.

According to the news agency, as the police initiated an investigation after sending the body for post-mortem, they arrested two individuals named Dhiwakar and Indrakumar, who are relatives of the woman. The woman, identified as Princi, 27 years old, worked in a private mill in Tiruppur and had developed a friendship with Dhiwakar.

Initial investigations indicate that Dhiwakar attempted to end the relationship by pressuring Princi, demanding the return of jewelry, money, and gifts he had given her. Consequently, Dhiwakar asked Princi to come to Palladam, where he strangled her to death with a nylon rope.

Dhiwakar and his relative Indrakumar transported the body from Ramanathapuram in a car and planned to bury it near Madurai. However, during a routine patrol, police officers inspected the vehicle on the highway and discovered a dead body inside. The suspects had parked the car near Kodai Road and fled the scene.

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