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Tennis Star Madhwin Kamath Arrested for Alleged Misconduct

Authorities have accused an Indian tennis star of defaming a girl by labeling her as an escort and sex worker through posters displayed in Ahmedabad. The player allegedly downloaded her photo from Instagram and included her mobile number on the posters, resulting in numerous harassment calls from strangers. This incident has led to significant public outrage and legal action against the athlete.
07:45 PM May 27, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
tennis star madhwin kamath arrested for alleged misconduct
Tennis Star Madhwin Kamath Arrest

Authorities have accused an Indian tennis star of defaming a girl by calling her an escort and a sex worker through posters put up in Ahmedabad. The player downloaded the girl's photo from her Instagram account and used it on the posters, which also included her mobile number. As a result, numerous strangers called her, causing distress.

In a shocking turn of events, the Crime Branch arrested renowned tennis player Madhwin Kamath on charges of assault. The incident, which involves a young woman who claims Kamath committed a shameful act against her, has stunned the sports community.

Police reports indicate that the alleged assault took place earlier this week. The victim approached the authorities immediately after the incident, prompting a swift investigation. Acting on the complaint, the Crime Branch detained Kamath from his residence late last night.

Investigators are still examining the details of the assault. Initial reports suggest that the victim was acquainted with Kamath. Known for his achievements on the court, the tennis star had maintained a clean public image until now.

Kamath's arrest has left fans and fellow athletes in disbelief. Many have taken to social media to express their shock and disappointment.

The police assure the public of a thorough investigation. "We are committed to ensuring justice for the victim. We will leave no stone unturned," said a spokesperson for the Crime Branch.

Authorities have remanded Kamath in custody pending further inquiries. His legal team has not yet issued a statement. The tennis association has also refrained from commenting, citing the ongoing investigation.

This incident raises concerns about the behavior of sports celebrities. Calls for stricter scrutiny and better conduct among athletes have intensified.

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