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Terrifying Crash In Hyderabad: Speeding Car Sends Shockwaves As It Flips Over In Collision | WATCH

A viral video on social media ignites discussions on traffic rules and road safety. It shows a Kia Carens running a red light at a junction, getting hit from behind by a Toyota Innova Hycross. The impact sends the Carens airborne, flipping several times before coming to a stop.
03:51 PM Jun 06, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
terrifying crash in hyderabad  speeding car sends shockwaves as it flips over in collision   watch

A Kia Carens crashed near Secunderabad Club, Hyderabad, after running a red light. A nearby CCTV camera recorded the incident, revealing the SUV jumping the signal, colliding with another car, and subsequently flipping over multiple times due to loss of control.

The footage shared on social media has sparked debates on traffic rule adherence and road safety. It depicts the Kia Carens speeding past the red traffic signal, attempting to cross the junction. A Toyota Innova Hycross collides with its rear, leading the Carens to lose control, become airborne, flip multiple times, and eventually stop.

Did People Got Injured In Hyderabad Car Crash

At present, details regarding any injuries and the condition of those involved remain undisclosed. However, reports suggest that passengers in the Carens only suffered minor injuries. It's important to highlight that speeding and disregarding red lights substantially heighten the likelihood of severe accidents, often resulting in devastating consequences. The passengers in the Carens were fortunate not to have sustained life-threatening injuries.

Under the new protocols of the GNCAP, the Kia Carens underwent recent testing and achieved 3-star safety ratings. It attained 22.07 points out of a possible 34 for adult protection and scored 40.92 out of 49 for child protection. Notably, the model underwent testing twice under the new protocols, following its initial 0-star rating. The SUV includes six airbags as standard safety features.

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