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Traffic Alert In NCR! THESE Violations May Lead You To Lose Your Vehicle's Registration

Officials to impose stringent traffic rules in the city, owing to NCR citizens' non-compliance with the current regulations...
05:35 PM Dec 07, 2023 IST | Malika Sahni
traffic alert in ncr  these violations may lead you to lose your vehicle s registration

The citizens of NCR have propelled officials to impose stringent traffic rules in the city, owing to their non-compliance with the current regulations. During November, the Gautam Buddha Nagar traffic police actively enforced a significant number of e-challans, totaling around 2,51,398, equivalent to an average of 349 challans issued per hour. This substantial increase in enforcement efforts was part of the Special Traffic Awareness Campaign held throughout the month. Initiated by Police Commissioner Laxmi Singh on November 1, the campaign primarily aimed to educate citizens about traffic regulations and ensure compliance with road safety norms.

However, the substantial rise in the issuance of e-challans led the Gautam Buddha Nagar traffic police to adopt stricter measures for the safety and security of the district's residents. According to Jagran's reports, drivers receiving more than three consecutive challans will have their information forwarded to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for potential suspension of their driving license. Additionally, repeated traffic violations may result in the cancellation of vehicle registrations. The provisions for license suspension encompass various offenses, including overspeeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, wrong-way driving, and running red lights.

Initially applicable to drivers with vehicles registered in Gautam Buddha Nagar, these measures mandate a three-month suspension period for driving licenses. These stringent actions form part of the traffic police's efforts to reduce road accidents by 50% in the district, emphasizing the need for awareness campaigns promoting safer driving practices.

In 2023, a total of 280 driving licenses were suspended in Gautam Buddha Nagar, with a majority—80%—associated with speeding offenses. These violations encompassed speeding, wrong-way driving, mobile phone usage while driving, driving under the influence, and disregarding traffic signals. Moreover, licenses faced suspension due to exceeding vehicle luggage capacities.

Under the new regulations, a driving license suspended twice escalates to license cancellation upon the third violation. Presently, no driving license has been canceled under this provision. However, once a driving license is canceled, it cannot be reinstated, permanently revoking the driver's driving privileges.

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