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Uber Buses To Hit Delhi NCR Roads After Securing Government Approval; Here's What You Can Expect

Uber has announced its acquisition of an aggregator license from the Delhi Transport Department, allowing it to operate buses in Delhi as part of the Premium Bus Scheme.
01:19 PM May 21, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
uber buses to hit delhi ncr roads after securing government approval  here s what you can expect

Uber, renowned for its cab services, is introducing buses for the public. In addition to bikes, autos, and cabs, Uber buses will operate on the roads of the country's capital, Delhi. Users will have access to numerous amenities, including the convenience of booking a bus from home and enjoying air conditioning. Detailed information about Uber buses will be provided to the public.

Uber has announced that it has obtained an aggregator license from the Delhi Transport Department to operate buses in Delhi under the Premium Bus Scheme. As a result, the capital city of Delhi has become the first state to issue a license for bus operations.

The Delhi Transport Department has granted Uber an aggregator license, enabling a businessless model known as the network model. This model connects the service provider and the service taker on a platform. Uber's bus service will be available on the company's official platform or the Uber app.

Currently, Uber has obtained approval to operate buses in Delhi, but the company has not yet launched its bus service. However, reports suggest that the facility of Uber's premium buses will be accessible through the app. Users will be able to book premium buses online via it's app, where they can check seat availability and buses according to their route. Additionally, users can book a seat for their preferred route in advance by clicking on the 'Uber Shuttle' option displayed on the app, alongside bike, auto, and cab options.

You can book your seat for an Uber bus in advance using the app. These AC buses can accommodate 19 to 50 passengers. Additionally, the app provides advance information about your route and allows users to track the live location of the bus.

Uber's shuttle service is expected to launch soon in Delhi, though no official information has been released yet. This service will also be available on the app. Once Uber's bus service begins, a new option called Uber Shuttle will appear alongside cab, bike, and auto options.

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