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Violent Clash Prompts Curfew And Section 144 In Balasore, Odisha

Balasore district in Odisha has imposed a curfew following clashes between two groups. Starting midnight June 17, it aims to restore peace amid violence. Section 144 of CrPC is enforced; internet services are suspended in sensitive areas. Police arrested 30 individuals, sealing OT Road and urging residents to stay indoors for safety.
12:33 PM Jun 18, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
violent clash prompts curfew and section 144 in balasore  odisha
Curfew enforced in Balasore,Odisha after clashes; internet suspended, Section 144 imposed following protests over animal sacrifice residue.

Balasore district administration in Odisha has enforced a curfew in response to a violent clash between two groups, as confirmed by police on Tuesday. The curfew, in effect from midnight on June 17 to midnight on June 18, is aimed at restoring peace in the town.

According to ANI, the Balasore district administration has enforced Section 144 of the CrPC following the clash. PTI further reported that authorities have suspended internet services in sensitive areas and advised residents to stay indoors.

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Officials reported that Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi communicated with Balasore Collector Ashish Thakare on Monday, instructing prompt action to manage the situation.

According to police reports, the conflict began when a group protested the presence of suspected blood from animal sacrifice on the road in the Bhujakhia Pir area. This protest escalated into a clash when another group retaliated with stone-pelting.

Sanjay Kumar, Additional Director General of Police (Law & Order), is presently based in Balasore. A police procession was carried out, leading to the arrest of about 30 individuals thus far.

Police declared that all access points to OT Road had been sealed, stressing that individuals were prohibited from leaving their residences or traveling by foot or vehicle unless for emergency medical reasons.

Balasore SP Sagarika Nath stated, "Curfew has been imposed in the Balasore municipality area, with all commercial establishments and shops required to close."

A senior police official further commented, 'We have deployed sufficient police forces in sensitive zones, and the situation is gradually coming under control, despite isolated incidents of violence reported in certain areas yesterday.'

In the late hours of Monday, tensions erupted in the city with violent clashes between two communities. In Golapokhari, Motiganj, and Cinema Chhak areas, one community targeted the homes of another, employing stones, sticks, and glass bottles. The unrest intensified as vehicles were set on fire and several roads were vandalized.

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The attackers extended their violence beyond the city center, venturing into nearby villages where they pelted houses with stones and set them ablaze. The situation deteriorated to the point where law enforcement had to use blank rounds to restore order and scatter the crowds.

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