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WATCH: Bengaluru Scooterist Smashes Car Window With Child Inside

This incident is part of a series of road rage cases in Bengaluru, with previous incidents including three men arrested for tailing a car on a scooter and attempting to open its doors
06:15 PM May 22, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
watch  bengaluru scooterist smashes car window with child inside

In a recent road rage episode in Bengaluru, a scooter rider assaulted a car carrying a couple and their three-year-old daughter. The incident, recorded by a CCTV camera, allegedly occurred when the two-wheeler was unable to pass the hatchback.

Akhil Sabu, an IT professional hailing from Kerala, has lodged a police complaint regarding the incident. He stated that the accused, identified as Jagadish, broke the car's window glass, causing injuries to the child. Police have registered a case and apprehended Jagadish, who is a resident of the locality.

Mr. Sabu had previously highlighted the incident on social media, stating that it occurred on Sarjapur Main Road. According to CCTV footage, the scooter rider intercepted the Hyundai i10 carrying the family. When the car tried to maneuver away, the scooterist struck its window with his helmet. The car paused briefly, and as it began moving again, the accused hit another window with the helmet. Mr. Sabu stopped the car once more, exited the vehicle, and assaulted the scooterist who was attacking the car, as shown in the footage.

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The incident in Sarjapur is the most recent in a string of road rage episodes reported from Bengaluru over the past few months. Just last month, three men were apprehended after a woman posted a video showing them tailing a car on a scooter, banging on its windows, and attempting to open its doors.

In December last year, a viral video surfaced showing a man on a two-wheeler stopping a car and banging on its window. Shortly afterward, he picked up a rock and smashed the car's windshield.

The increasing number of such incidents has prompted the city's traffic police to release tips on how to safely handle road rage incidents.

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