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Yogi Govt In Action With Three Mantras: New Laws To Be Introduced Against Paper Leaks

The new law will impose harsh punishments on individuals involved in actions like leaking exam papers and operating solver gangs. Penalties will include significant fines, property confiscation, and imprisonment.
04:48 PM Jun 21, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
yogi govt in action with three mantras  new laws to be introduced against paper leaks

Amid controversies surrounding irregularities in important entrance exams like NEET and UGC-NET, the Uttar Pradesh government plans to introduce a new law to prevent paper leaks and control 'solver gangs'.

The new law will include severe penalties for those engaged in activities such as leaking exam papers and running solver gangs, including heavy fines, demolition of property, and imprisonment.

The Yogi Adityanath-led government's decision comes shortly after the National Testing Agency (NTA) cancelled the UGC-NET (University Grants Commission - National Eligibility Test) exam. The Union Education Minister stated that the exam's question paper had been discovered leaked on the darknet.

In addition to this, NEET is also being investigated for suspected irregularities.

Given this situation, the UP government has announced plans to introduce a new law to safeguard the integrity of the examination process.

Furthermore, the government has introduced a new policy to prevent paper leaks. Each exam session will include at least two distinct sets of papers produced by different agencies. Additionally, the process of paper coding will be more systematically managed.

Only government secondary schools, degree colleges, universities, polytechnics, engineering colleges, medical colleges, or reputable educational institutions with good financial standing and a history of integrity will serve as examination centers. These centers will have CCTV systems installed, and four different agencies will handle various aspects of conducting recruitment exams.

UP Govt. To Take Strict Measures To Avoid Paper Leak

Candidates must travel outside their local areas to attend the exams, except for disabled individuals and women, who are exempt from this rule. If the number of candidates exceeds 400,000, the exam will be conducted in two phases.

The Provincial Civil Service exam might occur in a single session. To prevent result manipulation, the Commission and the Board will scan OMR sheets themselves. Question papers will contain secret codes and confidential security features like unique barcodes, QR codes, and serial numbers on every page to ensure traceability.

Question papers will be transported in secure, multi-layer packaging to prevent tampering. Ample time will be given for preparing the papers, and the examination controller will conduct regular inspections of the printing agencies.

Printing presses will be chosen in a highly confidential manner. Visitors to the press will undergo screening and must carry ID cards. Access to the press will be restricted to outsiders.

Smartphones and cameras will not be allowed inside the press. CCTV cameras will be installed around the press, and recordings will be kept for one year.

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