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Blood Sugar Down: Beating It with the Power of Ancient Grains

Are you tired of your diabetes and the restricted and boring old diet? Then here is your chance at a newer diet that comprises ancient grain that along with taking care of your sugar levels also helps to satiate your appetite for new food that takes away the monotony of having to consume the same food every day. They are not just filling and wholesome, they are a powerhouse of nutrients that are just right for you.
12:17 PM May 16, 2024 IST | Lifestyle Desk
blood sugar down  beating it with the power of ancient grains

Here is some good news for you if you are a diabetic. Medicines are not the only way you can take control of your lifestyle disease – diabetes especially, if you have Type II. Scientific studies have long ago proved that replacing refined and simple sugar with complex sources does actually help with managing diabetes, especially Type II. Here we will study the various grains that are loaded with the natural complex carbohydrates.

Index of Grains That Help Manage Diabetes

These are the less processed ancient grains that are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and fibre content. They are unchanged since times immemorial and have become an integral part of the diet of Asians and Africans. However, today these grains are gaining popularity with the Western world mainly for their health benefits that include controlling diabetes, enhanced heart health and improved digestion. Here is that value-added list that you could refer to while choosing your diet:

  •       Amaranth
  •       Millet
  •       Khorasan wheat
  •       Sorghum
  •       Teff
  •       Freekeh
  •       Farro
  •       Barley
  •       Quinoa
  •       Bulgar
  •       Rye
  •       Fonio
  •       Brown rice
  •       Oats
  •       Buckwheat
  •       Wheat berries
  •       Spelt

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Impact of Grains for Diabetes

Diet has been considered a major contributor towards diabetic as a health concern and today it has become a global pandemic with an approximate estimate of 536.6 million people afflicted by it today as per the report of the International Diabetes Federation.

Ancient grains as in the list mentioned above are considered to be a better option for diabetics the world over. They are good because of the fact they are whole grains which are considered the right diet choice for diabetics.

Quality wise they are a higher and enhanced source of carbohydrates which are an essential part of the food chain of humans. They are low on their glycemic index which is what diabetics require. They are complete with all the anatomical parts of the seeds which have different effects on the body. When whole grains are considered for their nutrient quality, they are loaded with fibre and magnesium which are deemed good for diabetes. They also help to curb obesity which is another killer factor in diabetes. They provide improved insulin sensitivity.

Amount of Whole or Ancient Grains Considered Fit for Consumption

According to experts, three servings a day is considered fit for consumption by diabetics. A serving each contains enough that is required for a healthy life while maintaining the blood glucose levels. You can consume it in the form of:

  •       Porridge oats – 25g
  •       Muesli – 34g
  •       Toasted whole grain wheat cereal – 30g
  •       Multigrain bread – 40g
  •       Brown rice (uncooked) – 23g
  •       Wholewheat pasta (uncooked) – 23g
  •       Oatcakes – 3 pieces
  •       Rye bread – 1 slice
  •       Wholemeal pitta bread – 1 piece

Other than these items, you can consult your dietician or expert for the right amount that can be consumed.

Tips on Choosing Whole Grains

Here are certain tips that you could follow in choosing the right ingredients for your mel if you a diabetic:

  •       Select the right wholegrain for breakfast
  •       Switch over from white bread to wholemeal bread
  •       Eat brown rice instead of the white variety
  •       For baking purpose consider wholemeal as your ingredient
  •       Eat oatcakes instead of wholemeal crackers
  •       Use barley for soups and stews
  •       Popcorn, a wholegrain can be used freely
  •       Sweet corn is a good choice for you
  •       Porridge oats can be used for crumble toppings

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