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Everyday Yoga: Bringing Yoga into Your Daily Life

Up the feel-good quotient in your daily life with our simple yoga practice sessions. Beginning right from your morning stretches right to your bedtime relaxation and meditation find balance every step of the way. Experience and feel the power of yoga in your daily routine.
01:54 PM May 16, 2024 IST | Lifestyle Desk
everyday yoga  bringing yoga into your daily life

Regular life can be quite tiring and have a draining effect on any person. This is quite natural given the pressures that we all deal with. However, here are methods with which you can deal with that pressure. This is done by incorporating yoga into daily life. Here is how you can do it.

Start the Day with Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar is considered the king of all yoga poses known to mankind. This is a pose that should be done first thing in the morning. Everyone must have at some point in their lives experienced laziness and reluctance to leave the bed in the morning. Once you put off getting up on time you are sure to lose time. So your priority should be to adjust your body clock to the time of the sun. The first 10-12 minutes of your day doing this asana will ensure that you have made a good start to your day. It also ensures that you shed off many calories that are not required by your body. You also pay homage to the most powerful source of life on this earth in the process.

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Yoga Breathing or Pranayam

Breathing is one of the most powerful life functions that allow you to stay alive. Yoga has all the logical explanations as to how you can link breathing to the entire well-being of your body, mind and spirit. In the wake of this it is essential that you practice pranayama or breathing exercise as per yoga. Just simply breathe in the full capacity of your lungs and hold it for some time. Gradually and gently let it out. It is known as ‘full yogic breathing’. It clears all the blockages in the channels of your body and mind ensuring all impurities are removed and the body is free of all carbon dioxide. Alternatively, you could try Alternate Nostril Breathing, Sheetali Breath, Kapalbhati, etc.

An Ayurvedic Diet is Essential Part of the Regime

Ayurveda is very closely related to the science behind yoga. And it is recommended that you take a diet that helps the body to stay healthy. This can be achieved with an ayurvedic diet. This is stressed upon because the ayurvedic diet takes care of the doshas that constitute our body. They help to achieve that perfect balance with their diet. However, this is best taken care of by an expert.

Yoga Breaks Are Recommended

This is highly recommended when you are not sure that you can take your daily morning yoga sessions full-on. Simple yoga breaks during the day, which could mean any time of the day is alright. For these short yoga breaks you could consider certain yoga poses like Seated Spinal Twists or Seated Forward Bend. They help you with a constant flow of energy and help you tide over your busy schedule.

End Your Day with Savasana or Meditation

A tired day can come to a good end with savasana or meditation in the corpse pose. This eases out all the tension in your body allowing you to sleep well at night. It brings the entire body and mind to a state of complete peace from deep within.

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