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Everyday Yoga: Building a Home Foundation

Breathe deeply as you awaken yourself to some gentle stretches and moves. It is the best start to a day with a home routine built with love. Find calm in each pose that you do and create a sanctuary for yourself. Experience balance, tranquility and strength without even having to move out of your room.
12:51 PM May 04, 2024 IST | Lifestyle Desk
everyday yoga  building a home foundation

Building a home routine is not as daunting a task as you take it to be. Just read on to know more about how you could do it seamlessly and you will get going as soon as possible. For that just follow our tips on building a home schedule for yoga.

Tips on Getting Started with a Home Schedule for Yoga

Here is how you can design your home schedule with the following tips.

Make a Quiet Start

A quiet start to your home schedule can make you calm and balanced from within. Before plunging head into the various poses, just sit and start with a pose like that of a child’s pose or even the corpse pose would do. It helps you to recollect yourself before you begin with the more challenging ones. It will help you to understand your body and mind and you can then move forward in that direction.

Choose the Appropriate Intensity of Your Workout Schedule

The intensity of a workout is not one-size-fits-all kind. It depends and varies from person to person, day to day and mood to mood. One day you might feel the urge to just go at it like a hungry tiger and the very next you might not have the appetite for much. So, there is nothing to worry, just relax and go for it as it suits you. Accordingly, you could go for a vigorous session or a restorative one. What matters is that it should take care of your immediate needs as that builds on more strength and energy.

Constructive Use of the Schedule

Use whatever time you spend for your yoga session, constructively. Make a specific schedule and immerse yourself totally into it.

The Right Pose Creates the Right Effect

Of course, there is no hard and fast rule to practice any specific pose. You can choose whatever suits your immediate needs. However, ensure that it is what you are loving as you are doing it. Start with the basic 4-5 poses that make you feel great and this will create a schedule that you will look forward to. Just never forget to ensure that the regime has one pose for each direction the body moves in.

Set Up a Dedicated Area and Time

To make a consistent and dedicated regime, the place and time should be fixed. Make a space of your own that will be your own in every sense. Though there is actually quite a lot of difficulty in managing the time, yet you have to look into it. Make some me-time and see how you progress. In the beginning it could just be 10-15 minutes but that will actually help you become more dedicated and energetic when you finally do make time for yoga no matter whatever situation you are in.

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Poses That You Could Include in Your Home Regime

Here is a list of some of the most common yoga poses that you could efficiently and effectively use for your home session:

  •   Supta padangusthasana I or reclining big toe pose I
  •   Supta padangusthasana II or reclining big toe pose II
  •   Adho mukha sukhasana or seated forward fold pose
  •   Adho mukha svanasana or downward facing dog pose
  •   Anjaneyasana or low lunge pose
  •   Eka pada rajakapotasana or pigeon prep pose
  •   Balasana or child’ pose
  •   Savasana or corpse pose

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