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Mental Health Awareness and Support Systems in India

Without mental health there can be no physical health. This is just the concern worldwide today where India is not lagging far behind in their concerns with mental health issues. With a lot of awareness programmes on, developments, although slow, are still on their way to tackle it.
03:21 PM Apr 06, 2024 IST | Health Desk
mental health awareness and support systems in india
Mental Health Awareness In India

Mental health has always been an issue that was all hushed up till recent times. It was considered a social taboo and no wonder there was no awareness of it. However, today, Mental Health Awareness is definitely gaining ground, albeit a bit slowly, but yes, it is.  Efforts are on to absolve this condition of all the prejudices of the common man. 

What Does It Mean?

It alludes to the emotional, psychological and social well-being of an individual. This takes into consideration the matters on how an individual feels, thinks, behaves, relates to others,makes different choices and how they cope with stress. 

Common Mental Illnesses 

Some of the most common mental illnesses in India are depression, anxiety, eating disorders, stress and they are the milder forms of it. When the condition becomes severe it leads to other more complicated cases which are not very common. 


Mental disorders can arise from numerous factors like stress, biological factors, drug abuse & overdose, cognitive behaviour and sociological problems like financial stress, isolation, breakdown and other conditions that exist in plenty in today’s complicated world. Lifestyle choices, trauma, genetics and exposure to certain toxins could also be the reasons for failing mental health.

Understanding Symptoms Of Mental Health Issues

It is easy to distinguish people with mental health issues. They can be seen to be depressed, talking to themselves, retarded, acting crazy, stupid or mad, irresponsible or careless, much of a day-dreamer or very spaced out from others, cannot easily connect with others, easily distracted, sad, is a cleanliness freak, born with some brain defect, sometimes acts up with violence and may have Alzheimer’s.They also have negative thoughts, low energy levels and constant fear of things that may not even exist.

Tips to Support and Fight Mental Health Issues

Patients battling with mental health issues can indeed find it very tough to even survive. This can be overcome and dealt with if appropriate intervention comes. Here are some ways to tackle them:

  • The right environment should be created for people suffering from them
  • The people around them should deal with them with compassion, love and plenty of care
  • Relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation can be practiced. Even listening to good, calming and relaxing music helps sometimes
  • A proper diet, specifically a brain-healthy diet is a must for them
  • Plenty of sleep is another good way to combat mental health issues
  • Leisure time is a must for them because that helps to calm and relax the mind
  • People who think they are on the verge of a breakdown should engage in activities that keep them happy
  • Staying active is another necessity, rather they should not get that time to brood over anything

Another way to help people suffering from mental health conditions would be to help them find a purpose which is meaningful. Healthy relationships could promote their health. They should be encouraged to perform one good deed each day as it will lift their spirits and make them happier.

If the simple remedies and methods fail, then taking the help of experts and doctors would be the best solution. It should not be left unattended. There are many online resources that could be helpful in such circumstances. Or else, the government has helpline numbers and health workers that can also be contacted for help. Here it has to be stressed again that seeking professional help for such conditions are signs that they are strong.

In conclusion, it can be said that awareness and education is the key to averting disasters. If there is timely intervention, many deaths can be prevented and lives saved. For this people need to know what can be termed as mental illness and what is not. All said and done, people need to break all barriers and open about their conditions notwithstanding what society might think or say.

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