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Tranquil Air with Soothing Breath Secrets

Inhale deeply with a gentle wave of breath and exhale gradually to experience the easing out of tension from within you. Find deep peace and calm with every breathing technique that we bring forward for you.
11:52 AM May 03, 2024 IST | Lifestyle Desk
tranquil air with soothing breath secrets

In yoga breathing exercises are an exceptionally important part. They are effectively known as ‘Pranayama’ or just the practice of breath control. It not only benefits the body, but it also helps to clear, calm and cool the mind. Pranayama in its entirety goes a long way in making the core stronger. In the next few paragraphs, we walk through the important breathing techniques in yoga.

Different Breathing Techniques in Yoga

These yoga exercises are mindfulness activities that are extremely beneficial in boosting both mental and physical health. Here you are required to breathe in and out with your mouth closed. They aid in gathering the life force or ‘prana’ to make you more focused. It keeps you calm and relaxed and rooted in the present. Here is a list of the breathing techniques in yoga.

Nadi Shodhana or Alternate Nostril Breathing

It is a technique instrumental in bringing immediate relief to sufferers of anxiety, agitation or panic attacks. It steadies and eases the heartbeat, thereby lowering the blood pressure and calming the central nervous system. Overall, it is good for your general wellbeing.

Shitali Pranayama or Cooling Breath

This is a practice which is best and most effective in the summer months when the body requires plenty of cooling. It is also known as ‘Taco Breath’ because of the curling of the tongue to move the air. It is effective because it can:

  •       Quench hunger and thirst
  •       Reduce fatigue
  •       Tweaks bad breath
  •       Enhances blood pressure
  •       Cuts down on fever

It aids in directing the heat away from the head and neck region and the digestive system to cool the body.

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Ujjayi or Ocean’s Breath

This is the commonest form of breathing practices in yoga. It has been proven to be beneficial for cancer patients by improving the quality of their lives. It also helps to cure depression in people who suffer from various issues in life. Some studies have gone to the point of explaining that this breathing technique helps patients suffering from hypothyroidism by enhancing their pulmonary functions. If you hear various terms like ‘Victorious Breathing’ or ‘Snake Breathing’ or ‘Whispering Breath’ or ‘Snoring Breath’, you can remain assured that they are none but Ujjayi Breathing technique.

Sitkari Pranayama or Hissing Breath

This breathing technique is just another version of the cooling technique. However, there is just one small difference which is its performance through the rolled tongue stuck out from the mouth and performed through teeth clenched. There is one word of caution that must be sounded here. You should never clench your teeth so firmly that it hurts your jaws or teeth, rather they should just remain clenched. It is another variation of cooling breath which is feasible during the summer months or in peak of day when the heat is at its maximum. This technique helps to minimise anger, anxiety, agitation and calm the mind.

Chandra Bhedana or Lunar Breath and Surya Bhedana or Solar Breath

It is the extreme opposite of the solar breathing technique. The sole idea of it is to cool down the body. It must be remembered that you can practice both lunar and solar breath on the same day. In solar breath or surya bhedana, crucial and significant energy is brought into the body to re-energise and revitalise it and boost the sympathetic nervous system. It brings in heat to the body through the right nostril and exhales out through the left nostril. As it works on the total digestive system, it is best practiced not immediately after eating.

Other Forms of Breathing Techniques

There are other forms of breathing techniques that deserve mention:

  •       Brahmari or Humming Breath
  •       Bhastrika or Bellows Breath
  •       Active Yoga Breathing
  •       Sahita Pranayama
  •       Drigha
  •       Simhasana or Lion’s Breath
  •       Deep Belly Breathing

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