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Tranquil Trails with Mindful Moves and Yoga Movements

Finding calm and peace amidst the chaos of life is easy with our moves that help you stretch gently and breathe in deeply is enough. With yoga and meditation, it’s like you are giving yourself a profound hug from deep within. It is that moment when you can reset yourself and recharge within all the chaos and cacophony of the hustles of life.
12:31 PM Apr 27, 2024 IST | Lifestyle Desk
tranquil trails with mindful moves and yoga movements
Yoga And Meditation

One of the commonest forms of practices is yoga amalgamated with meditation. The two are deeply entrenched in the other and hence go well together. Combined they are called ‘moving yoga’ and have become a term in itself. Read on to know more about yoga and meditation.

Yoga in Combination with Meditation

This is a practice that has all the major benefits of both yoga and meditation which immensely helps the body to rejuvenate. In it all the yogic postures suggested by the expert are carried out and, in the end, the meditative part comes with all the postures that give those particular benefits. This part is formally known as Shavasana.

Yoga is extremely meaningful with some physical movements and can at times also become physically demanding and taxing on the body. However, this helps to improve balance and strengthen the core muscles. This, therefore, requires a lot of patience, perseverance and self-discipline. They, however, become even more meaningful and effective with meditation regularly. Just a 20-minute session of meditation will suffice.

The Three Main Approaches for Yoga and Meditation

The three most important approaches adopted here are yoga or asanas that can be the very simple and basic ones, pranayama that works on the breathing movements of the body and meditation or Dhyana. When these three are combined and balanced together that gives the perfect start to a healthy day.

Yoga Poses

Yoga Face Poses

Yoga for beginners begins with some simple face yogic postures. This helps the entire body to stay awake and the person feels more energised. That apart it helps in skin solutions like combating skin aging and other problems. These yoga poses could include the following.

  •  Forward fold position
  •  Lion pose or breath pose

Yoga Leg Poses

These poses help to stretch the entire body and help with the balance of the body. They also help to strengthen the core. The poses include:

  • Legs-up-the-wall pose
  • Boat pose

Yoga Breathing Poses

Though most yoga postures help with the body, yet there are some postures that solely work on the breathing movements of the body. They help to calm and relax the individual and can be a very mindful experience that can be thoroughly relaxing. These breathing exercises include alternate nostril breathing. This can also be referred to as pranayama.

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This is a very simple and easy technique. A 20-minute session a day is enough for beginners which can gradually be increased as per expert guidance. It should ideally be done in a clean, cool and quiet place which is airy enough. It is best carried out in early morning hours. Meditation can be done sitting cross-legged on the floor or on a chair for those who cannot sit on the floor. Hands should be planted firmly on the knees. The eyes should be closed and the body still and relaxing for a certain period of time as is required.

A daily regime ensures that you can stay calm, focused and relaxed even in this chaotic scenario that engulfs every human being today. This brings about a more physically, emotionally and mentally stronger version of you which is the goal of the entire project.

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