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Unlock the Secrets of Yoga by Exploring its Science

By integrating modern research and ancient wisdom, yoga highlights its profound and deep effects on both physical and mental health. Right from reducing the stress levels to tweaking flexibility, yoga offers immense benefits that are backed by scientific evidence making it an approachable wellness program. Delve deep into its science and comprehend how it can transform your life step by step.
11:50 AM May 06, 2024 IST | Lifestyle Desk
unlock the secrets of yoga by exploring its science

Yoga is a spiritual branch of knowledge that dates back to more than 5000 years with its roots deeply embedded in ancient India. The main aim of yoga is integrating spiritual and mental powers of an individual. And it has rightfully found its place in this modern world where chaos and turbulence reign supreme. When it has already made its way into this modern world, let us now walk through the science that rules yoga.

Stress Level Ebbs Away

Yoga is mainly known to cut down the stress that builds in humans. Cortisol which is released due to high pressure and stress is responsible for keeping the body alert. However, that also disorganises the bodily functions. This disarray in body functions gets realigned with yoga which reduces the stress level. Ultimately it makes the person calm.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System Gets Revitalised

The parasympathetic nervous system easily gets stimulated with yoga. It restores the balance in the body after the storm is over. When this system gets activated the blood flows towards the endocrine glands, digestive organs and various other organs reducing the heartbeat rate and lowers the blood pressure.

Secretion of Antioxidant Enzymes

Persistent exposure to pollutants and metabolic by-products results in the formation of free radicals that leads to cancer and hastens the aging process. The body’s powerful internal defense system fights against the free radicals in the form of antioxidant enzymes. This level becomes higher with practicing yoga thereby enhancing the defense system.

Addiction Gets Cured

Dopamine makes one high after consumption of any drug of the person’s choice which brings about contentment. This is generated in a person practicing yoga. This takes care of the addiction level and this explains why yoga can cure addiction to drugs.

Enhanced Immunity

Yoga reduces the cortisol amount. And this is what is required because increased cortisol amounts result in a weak immune system which means WBC.

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Other Science Principles Behind Yoga

Yoga is a vast field and so naturally the science behind it is also vast. Here we will mention some of the other science principles that are behind yoga. Here they are:

  •         The brain gets enlarged
  •         Allows the person to remain connected and rooted to the present
  •         Yoga mudras boost the brain and body
  •         Helps with flexibility
  •         Mental health gets enhanced
  •         Inflammation gets cuts down
  •         Increased strength
  •         Minimises anxiety
  •         Superior quality of life
  •         Improved body balance
  •         Improved cardiovascular functioning
  •         Improved quality of sleep
  •         Bone health gets boosted

There are so many other principles that govern yoga. These are some of the most common benefits that the science behind can give to a yogi.

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