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Yoga Gear Guided: Must-Haves in Your Zen Toolkit

Imagine spreading out your mat on the ground for a session in yoga, making a bee-line for your favourite block and heading deep into a session of pure bliss and relaxation. We have charted out a selection of the yoga essentials that will come in handy for you while you stretch, roll out, breathe and find that much-needed inner peace and calm
12:00 PM Apr 27, 2024 IST | Lifestyle Desk
yoga gear guided  must haves in your zen toolkit
yoga equipment

This guide is enough to guide you properly so that you need not spend thousands of rupees on unwanted things that might only add up to the junk in your home. Yoga is something that actually does not have you or anyone for that matter spending your hard-earned resources on anything on extras. The bare minimum is required for a good and fruitful session of yoga.


Blindly following the trend of keeping up with expensive and trendy clothing while you work out is not something to be proud of. Clothing should be such that it gives you comfort while you work out. Also, bunches of them are not a requirement, so that should not cost you a whole lot of money. However, here is a small list of some of the most required pieces of clothing for a good yoga jam:

Yoga pants

Yoga pants can be in solid colors or trendy ones that are printed or have some colorful designs. Purchasing superior quality pants ensures their longevity, however, it really does not matter if you cannot get hold of one of them. The pants may be loose or tight as is comfortable for you. The harem-style pants that are fitted closely at the heels are best as they give you plenty of room to stretch and move about. If full pants are not your cup of tea you could also give the shorts a try provided you feel comfortable in them while working out. The spandex shorts are a good choice here. The most important thing to remember here is that the loose type of shorts is not at all desirable as some poses require you to stay with the legs in the upward position for long periods of time.

Yoga tops

Yoga tops should be fairly fitting enough so that they slip through your head while you are in the forward, backward or downward positions. The people who are heavy sweaters should be careful in their selection of materials. The wicking material is best for such people.


Cover-ups are for those who feel a bit uncomfortable in the cool environs of yoga rooms that might be temperature-regulated. Or else if you are okay with the temperature then that is not a requirement.

Sports bras

Sports bras are immensely helpful gear for women to help with positions that might cause discomfort.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories are nowadays a unisex thing. Both girls and boys nowadays have long hair and that helps to keep them in place and not cause discomfort.

Yoga socks

Yoga socks are not compulsory items as yoga is best done barefoot. This is only for those who cannot spend even a minute barefoot. If you decide on one of them, then go for the ones that have a strong grip on them.

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Yoga Mat

This by far is the most important yoga equipment. Yoga mats also known as ‘stick mats’ should be of good quality. It should be one that does not make you feel uncomfortable or slip and fall. They should have a good grip and also should be accompanied by a good towel that is instrumental in giving a cushioning effect.

Optional Yoga Equipment

There are a range of other yoga equipment required:

  •         Mat bags
  •         Blankets
  •         Blocks
  •         Straps
  •         Bolsters
  •         Wheels

This is all for yoga equipment essentials. These should suffice for a good session of yoga.

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