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Entrepreneur Manish Maurya makes Shree Ram Sweets market leader with his futuristic vision

04:08 PM Jun 08, 2023 IST | Sakshi
entrepreneur manish maurya makes shree ram sweets market leader with his futuristic vision
Shree Ram Sweets

New Delhi: The dynamic and varied landscape of the Indian sweet market is firmly ingrained in the rich culinary and cultural traditions of the nation. It satisfies the sweet desire of millions of people around the country with a wide selection of traditional and regional treats. From the classic gulab jamun and jalebi to the delectable rasgulla and barfi, Indian sweets are renowned for their unique flavours, textures, and elaborate designs. India's sweet market is a thriving sector with innumerable sweet shops, confectioneries, and mithai walas dotting the streets of cities and towns. Many significant players have been contributing to the growth of this sector, one of them is Shree Ram Sweets.

Incepted by Rajendra Kumar Maurya (MLA, Sadar Pratapgarh), Shree Ram Sweets has today become the one-stop shop for traditional Indian sweets. Today, the next-generation entrepreneur, Manish Maurya (son of Rajendra Kumar Maurya) has taken over the brand and helped it reach even more phenomenal heights. Shree Ram Sweets provide a wide range of selections to suit different tastes and preferences, from old favourites to cutting-edge innovations. Their range includes a lot of mouthwatering Indian treats but the ones that have caught the most attention are Ras Malai and Laddus.

Well, the delicious taste of these scrumptious Ras Malais is not only loved by regular people but even the VVIPs and residents of other districts are a fan. The sweet soaked in thick sweetened milk, flavoured with cardamom and garnished with nuts has always helped Shree Ram Sweets become the talk of the town. Be it a political rally of any prominent leader or a celebratory event, every event calls for their confections. Additionally, the team always witnesses a spike in demand for sweets during holidays, weddings, and other events where these flavoursome eateries hold great significance.

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The franchise is pretty famous all throughout the Allahabad, Faizabad, Sitapur, Raebarelli, Ayodhya and Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh, however, even people from states like Delhi, Bihar and Haryana relish the taste of the sweets by Shree Ram. The cherry on top of all this is that whenever Narendra Modi, the Honourable Prime Minister of India visits the Awadh region, a special order is put in this franchise for him during the inauguration of a certain project or during an election campaign.

The next-generation entrepreneur Manish Maurya has always put his best foot forward in order to establish a strong benchmark. He has time to time proven his calibre as an entrepreneur and also as an investor. Since he understands the need of investing in innovation and new business ideas, he has stepped forward and started other businesses. The list includes Kutumbh Infra Real Homes Private Limited, a developer of opulent flats with headquarters in Lucknow, hotel Shree Ram Vatika, Shree Ram Inn, Maurya Resorts and he also owns Shree Ram Gramoudhog.

Now the vision Manish Maurya has is to open Shree Ram Sweets’ outlets all throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh first and then make it a brand that is known throughout Pan India. On top of all this, they are soon going to enter the e-commerce market and make their reach even more strong. Additionally, he also aims at tackling the global market so that even citizens living abroad can devour the taste of these sweets. Shree Ram Sweets has already established itself as a market leader and now it will only spread its horizons even more.

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