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KLAY: Empowering Working Women with Quality Childcare

05:31 PM May 26, 2023 IST | Sakshi
klay  empowering working women with quality childcare

KLAY: In today's fast-paced world, balancing a career and family life can be a daunting task, especially for working mothers. Recognizing this challenge, KLAY – India’s largest Preschool and Daycare chain – has emerged as a pioneer in the field, collaborating extensively with corporates to provide reliable childcare solutions. With a strong focus on empowering women to return to work guilt-free, KLAY is revolutionizing the early education landscape in India.

The 2017 Amendment to the Maternity Act played a crucial role in shaping KLAY's mission. The amendment mandated that all corporates employing over 50 people must offer childcare facilities to their employees. By partnering with these companies, KLAY ensures compliance with the amendment while also helping organizations achieve their diversity goals. This collaboration not only supports working mothers but also enables them to thrive professionally after their maternity leave.

According to Mr. AK Srikanth, CEO at KLAY Daycare and Preschool, “One of the significant challenges faced by parents in India is the lack of easy access to information about daycare facilities. The early education market has long been unregulated, resulting in inconsistencies in quality standards and safety measures. To address this issue, KLAY believes that a government-led initiative that delves into the requirements of daycares in a detailed and standardized manner is the best way to go. Similar to the regulations set forth by the POCSO Act, stringent access to information would assure parents across the country that their children are enrolled in well-regulated daycare centres instead of mom & pop type of establishments with little quality control, ensuring their safety and holistic development.”

When it comes to choosing a daycare for their children, parents should consider several prerequisites, considering the major impact it has on their formative years of development. Due to such reasons, KLAY lays significant emphasis on the importance of safety within the premises, including kid-friendly furniture, background-verified employees, and robust security measures. The curriculum and development methodology employed by the daycare is equally crucial, as children absorb knowledge rapidly during these formative years. Lastly, parents should also assess whether the facility exudes a positive and joyful environment, as this intangible factor plays a vital role in shaping a child's experience.

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Highlighting a prevailing issue, it is true that daycares in India lack legal prerequisites and licenses. While daycares are governed by the S&E (Shops & Establishments) license across the country, additional requirements vary from state to state. KLAY believes that establishing a uniform code of requisites would be instrumental in setting a minimum threshold for all daycares. Such standardization would not only help bridge the gap between world-class facilities and those falling short of expectations but also ensure that every child receives quality care and education.

KLAY has already cemented its position as India's largest company-owned and operated chain, boasting over 150 centres nationwide. Their ambitious plans include significant investments in training, health & safety teams, and operational efficiency, with the aim of doubling the number of centres over the next three years. KLAY aspires to become a global benchmark in the daycare category, prioritizing excellence and setting new standards in early childhood education.

As KLAY continue to make significant strides in revolutionizing the daycare landscape, their collaboration with corporates, commitment to safety, emphasis on quality education, and ambitious expansion plans position them as a leading player in providing working parents with reliable and guilt-free childcare options.

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