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KKR vs SRH: What If IPL 2024 Qualifier 1 Is Cancelled Due to Rain?

Rule 13.7.3 grants an extra 120 minutes to complete matches delayed by rain, with a full match replayed on the Reserve Day if necessary.
04:04 PM May 21, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
kkr vs srh  what if ipl 2024 qualifier 1 is cancelled due to rain
kkr vs srh

KKR VS SRH: In the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 Qualifier 1, a high-flying Kolkata Knight Riders team will clash with the unpredictable Sunrisers Hyderabad. Both teams aim to secure a direct path to the final, as the victor will advance straight to the final match. Meanwhile, the losing team will move on to Qualifier 2, where they will compete against the winner of the Eliminator match. The final week promises thrilling cricket action, but there is a looming concern about potential weather disruptions, given the impact of recent games in the T20 league.

Rain has affected as many as three matches in the IPL over the past week, leaving fans anxious about the upcoming playoff fixtures. However, there is good news: a Reserve Day has been scheduled for each of the four playoff matches this season, ensuring that weather disruptions won't derail the critical games.

According to Rule 13.7.3 in the IPL 2024 Match Playing Conditions, an additional 120 minutes (or two hours) are allocated to complete a match if it is delayed by rain. This rule applied even during the league stage matches. However, for the playoffs, there is also the option of a Reserve Day, providing further assurance that weather-related interruptions won't prevent the matches from being completed.

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Unlike in previous editions of the IPL, this season includes a Reserve Day for all playoff matches, including the final, which is scheduled for May 26. This ensures that weather disruptions won't prevent the completion of these crucial games.

It's important to note that if a Reserve Day is needed, the match will be played from the beginning on that day. This rule applies to all playoff matches in this season's IPL, including the final.

In this year's playoffs, Kolkata Knight Riders secured their spot first, while Sunrisers Hyderabad boosted their chances with a significant four-wicket victory over Punjab Kings on Sunday, finishing second with 17 points, ahead of Rajasthan Royals.

Rajasthan Royals' match against Kolkata Knight Riders was washed out due to rain, which kept them in the third position. Meanwhile, Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated Chennai Super Kings in their final league game to secure the fourth spot in the standings.

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