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Apple May Delay Rollout of Most Apple Intelligence Features Until 2025

One notable upcoming feature for Siri includes its ability to retrieve items based on context and perform actions, though this capability is expected to be delayed until 2025. Similarly, semantic indexing, which helps Siri understand on-device content and personal data, will also become available in 2025.
12:08 PM Jun 17, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
apple may delay rollout of most apple intelligence features until 2025

As we anticipate the iOS 18 updates, Apple plans to gradually roll out its new features instead of releasing them all at once. The tech company is proceeding cautiously to introduce Apple Intelligence to users. One of these phased releases will involve the updated Siri. Reports suggest that features of Apple Intelligence may not be available to the general public until 2025, unless they are being tested in beta this year.

The WWDC 2024 keynote presentation last week did not indicate that all features would be available for use with the launch of the new flagship in September. Instead, Apple outlined a roadmap for what's to come in late 2024 and the first half of 2025.

iOS 18: What features will not be out until 2025?

During WWDC, a user asked when her mom’s flight would be landing, and Siri was able to figure it out using previous text conversations and emails. However, this feature is expected to be delayed until 2025. By next year, Siri will gain the ability to locate items on your devices based on context and perform actions. For example, the virtual assistant will be able to bring up a podcast that was sent by your spouse last week or access a document that was emailed by your colleague earlier in the day, all in response to simple commands.

Semantic indexing, which helps Siri understand the context of your on-device content and personal data, will also only be accessible in 2025.

The precise controls on device and applications will be featured in other iOS 18 versions. Finally, there's on-screen awareness, which means that Siri can understand what you are doing on your device at any given moment and take action. For example, if you're texting with a friend about LeBron James, you'll be able to ask, "How many points did he score last night?" and get an answer. This feature will also be in use next year.

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Similar to the major improvements in Siri, Apple Intelligence's support for additional languages and regions will not arrive until 2025. The much-discussed integration with ChatGPT may also miss the initial release, though it should be ready later in 2024, based on language in Apple’s marketing materials.

The upcoming version of Siri expected to release this fall will include some new and exciting features. It will feature a new interface and be capable of carrying out more natural conversations. Siri will also better understand users, even when they misspeak, and have a greater knowledge of Apple products.

iOS 18: Siri makeover

iOS 18 will bring a significant makeover to Siri, introducing several updates and new features. One of the enhancements is an improved Type to Siri option, allowing users to enter queries by text rather than speaking them.

Additionally, Siri's design will be revamped with a new interface featuring a glowing light that wraps around the screen edges when activated. This visual update aims to create a more engaging user experience and will be available this fall.

Apple has also given Siri new AI powers to improve its functionality, making it more natural, context-aware, and deeply integrated within Apple's ecosystem. This transformation includes integrating ChatGPT technology, which promises more sophisticated responses and new AI-powered features.

Notably, Apple has partnered with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into Siri, enhancing its generative AI capabilities. This integration enables Siri to handle more complex tasks and provide more sophisticated responses.

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