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iPad Pro, iPad Air Tablets: M4 Chipset, OLED, Larger Display - What More Has Changed?

Apple's Let Loose event has unveiled new iPad Pro and Air models. The iPad Pro takes centre stage with a next-gen M4 chip, and stunning OLED display, and comes in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes. The iPad Air gets a size upgrade with new 11-inch and 13-inch options powered by the M2 chip.
11:19 AM May 08, 2024 IST | Tech Desk
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iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024: All eyes were on the Apple iPads when the brand held its Let Loose event on May 7. Putting an end to the anxious wait of tech enthusiasts, Apple finally announced new iPad Air and iPad Pro tablets on Tuesday. The brand unveiled the new tablets in a short video posted on its official website. Here’s what’s new:

iPad Pro 2024

The iPad Pro, which is the most expensive and advanced tablet from Apple, will now come in two sizes: an 11-inch variant and a 13-inch model. With a 5.1mm thickness, the iPad Pro is the thinnest product from Apple, according to the brand.

The device will get connected to a keyboard and trackpad using the case called the Magic Keyboard, which has been made of aluminium. Apple says when one uses the case, it will make using the iPad Pro feel “just like a MacBook,” which is the brand’s laptop. Furthermore, Apple has also announced the updated stylus known as the Apple Pencil Pro.

In a first, Apple has also introduced the M4 chipset for the iPad Pro lineup, confirming Bloomberg's Mark Gurnman’s previous report. This proves that some rumours and leaks do have potential! Well, notably, the brand’s laptops currently use the M3 chips. The M4 chip was an “outrageously powerful chip for AI,” said Apple. The company’s executives discussed Apple’s neural engine, which is essentially a part of the chip specially made for artificial intelligence software. This can quickly cut out subjects from their backgrounds in a video.

“This stunning design and breakthrough display required we make the leap to the next generation of Apple silicon,” an Apple hardware executive, John Ternus, said.

Furthermore, the iPad Pro tablets will boast an OLED display, said Apple. Interestingly, this is the same technology found on iPhones. This will make the new tablets incorporate better colours and be brighter compared to the previous models. Additionally, Apple has also come up with a technology called the “tandem OLED”, which is used in creating screens branded as Ultra Retina XDR.

While announcing a new app called Final Cut Camera, Apple said the iPad Pro could be a helpful tool for professional video creators. This app is capable of controlling multiple iPhone cameras.

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On the back, the iPad Pro sports a 12-megapixel sensor supporting 4K video recording, while the camera’s flash has also received an update, which provides ease in the scanning of documents. The price of the iPad Pro 2024 lineup starts at Rs 99,900 and goes up to Rs 1,19,900.

iPad Air 2024

The iPad Air will boast two sizes: an 11-inch variant and a larger 13-inch model. Both models will use Apple’s M2 chip. While the variant with 128GB of storage and 11-inch size is priced at Rs 59,990, the larger iPad’s cost starts at Rs 79,990.

The position of the front-facing camera has been changed this time. It has now been moved to the longer area of the device to offer landscape mode, which is suitable for video conferencing, just like it is available on Apple’s more expensive iPad Pro models.

The iPad Air will soon be available, arriving in colours like gold, blue, and purple.

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