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iPhone 16: Apple Could Launch New Smartphone Without Physical Buttons, Claims New Leak

Rumors swirl around iPhone 16's button design. New leaks suggest Apple might ditch physical buttons for touch-sensitive ones with vibration feedback, replacing prior rumors of a buttonless design entirely. However, conflicting reports and Apple's history of last-minute changes mean this news should be approached with caution.
01:02 PM Apr 26, 2024 IST | Tech Desk
iphone 16  apple could launch new smartphone without physical buttons  claims new leak

Apple is preparing to surprise iPhone enthusiasts again with the launch of the iPhone 16 series. The leaks and rumours surrounding the upcoming smartphone have already sparked a lot of excitement among iPhone fans. The upcoming iPhone 16 series models are rumoured to feature a buttonless design. The same was previously rumoured for the iPhone 15 series. But a new leak claims that Apple is planning to revolutionise its flagship device by dumping physical buttons for capacitive buttons with haptic feedback.

Capacitive Button On Cards?

According to a report from Asia's Economic Daily News, Apple has received a large order from Taiwanese supplier Advanced Semiconductor Engineering for capacitive button components. These components would be intended to be integrated into the iPhone 16 series, as per the report.

The capacitive versions that use haptic feedback technology could replace the traditional physical buttons on the sides of the iPhone. These buttons will provide an interaction paradigm for users by sensing pressure and simulating the sensation of pressing a physical button through vibrations created by Taptic Engines.

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New Vs Old Rumours

But even if the report generates excitement, it should be taken with a pinch of salt. The order for capacitive components could be part of Apple's production strategy and not an indication of an implementation in the iPhone 16 lineup.

MacRumors' findings shed light on Apple's previous experiments with haptic power and volume buttons on iPhones. The project, called “Project Bongo,” is said to be aimed to redefine the user experience through innovative button designs. However, the project was scrapped in 2023 due to technical hurdles, which resulted in the use of mechanical buttons on the iPhone 16. However, the new report claims in contrast to this.

Additionally, previous leaks suggest that iPhone 16 models could retain mechanical buttons, with speculation that a fourth button would be added for camera functions. This feature, referred to as the "Capture Button," is claimed to ensure quick photo and video capture capabilities.

Although the latest report suggests that production of capacitive components will begin in the third quarter of this year, observers remain cautious about the immediate impact on the iPhone series. Apple's production schedules and product decisions are often revised at the last minute as seen in the previous releases. The iPhone 16 series is expected to hit the market in September 2024.

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