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News24 Surpasses ABP News, Bags 7th Position

News24 has again seen a leap in the 17th and 18th week report released by BARC. Now, the channel has surpassed the ABP News in ranking.
06:29 PM May 09, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
news24 surpasses abp news  bags 7th position

News24 is continuously living up to the audience's preferences. In the latest BARC ratings released on Thursday, the channel overtook ABP News. With this leap, News24 has bagged the 7th position. News24 has already left behind many channels including Zee News and Good News Today.

BARC's ratings for the last two weeks say that News24 had the highest viewing rate among all news channels. Not just the election programmes but other programmes are also being liked by the viewers.

In the report released by BARC for the 17th and 18th week, News24's GRP rating was 6.92 in the 17th week, which increased to 7.24 in the 18th week. During this period, News24 gained 5 percent in this rating. In the 17th week, the GRP rating of ABP News was 7.22, which fell to 6.92 in the 18th week and it suffered a loss of 4 percent in these two weeks. At the same time, Zee News has also suffered a loss of 1 percent in the ratings in these two weeks. At present Zee News is two places below News24. Whereas Good News Today is down by three positions and News Nation is down by four.

News24 is also ahead in market share growth rate. According to the ratings of these two weeks, News24's market share growth increased by 9 percent. This growth rate in the 17th week was 5.8 percent. In the 18th week, it increased to 6.3 percent. The growth rate of ABP News was zero in these two weeks. The growth rate of Zee News was 3 percent and that of Good News Today was 2 percent.

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