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Karnataka: Peon Scores 99.5% But Can't Read And Write, Judge Calls For Investigation

The peon's remarkable 99% score has raised questions among officials and the public, prompting a court-ordered inquiry into the matter. Stay tuned as the investigation delves into the peon's academic records to ensure transparency and fairness.
02:25 PM May 22, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
karnataka  peon scores 99 5  but can t read and write  judge calls for investigation
Karnataka Court Orders Probe into Peon's Academic Records

Karnataka, India: A court in Karnataka's Koppal has ordered an investigation into the academic records of a peon at a public school over apparent remarkably high test scores.

Peon, who recently scored 99 percent in the Class 10 exam, has come under scrutiny as officials and the public question the justification for such an extraordinary performance.

Suspicions trigger over high scores-

Peon's stellar performance in the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) class 10 exams raised doubts among school principals and exam organizers. Due to the nature of his duties and lack of formal training, many thought it unlikely that he would be able to achieve such a result without outside help.

In response to this , the court ordered a thorough investigation over the matter.

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The investigation will include a detailed review of the peon's academic records, including his exam answer sheet, enrollment details and all other relevant documents. The court authorized a special commission to conduct this inquiry to ensure transparency and fairness.

Karnataka public reactions and implications

The case generated considerable public interest and debate about the integrity of the education system and examination processes.

Many expressed their concerns on social media and called for strict measures to prevent any abuse in academic assessments.

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As the investigation progresses, it will become clear whether the exceptional exam result was a genuine achievement or the result of academic dishonesty. The outcome will be critical in determining next steps to maintain the integrity of the state's education standards.

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