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UPSC Reality Check: Productivity, Not Hours, Matters Most; Says IAS Officer

IAS officer Awanish Sharan recently used X to critique specific ''misleading'' vlogs asserting that UPSC aspirants must study for over 18 hours daily. Mr. Sharan, a member of the 2009 IAS batch, encouraged aspirants to steer clear of such vlogs and stressed that excessive study hours are not necessary for success.
07:50 AM Apr 15, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
upsc reality check  productivity  not hours  matters most  says ias officer

Lakhs of people across the country attempt the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam every year, considering it one of India's most prestigious exams. The exam, known as one of the toughest in the country, requires strategic planning, focused dedication, and a disciplined approach. Nowadays, several aspirants also create study vlogs to document their journey and motivate others. However, it is important not to blindly believe their claims.

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IAS officer Awanish Sharan recently took to X to criticize certain ''misleading'' vlogs that claim UPSC aspirants need to study for more than 18 hours a day. Mr. Sharan, a member of the 2009 IAS batch, urged aspirants to avoid such vlogs and insisted that they do not need to study for such long hours to succeed.

''Misleading!!! Stay away from these blogs. Itna bhi padhna nahi hota hai (You don't have to read this much),'' he wrote while sharing screenshots of such vlogs.

His post sparked a debate on social media and attracted various responses. A majority of users agreed that an intense study routine of 18+ hours doesn't make sense and emphasized that quality matters more than quantity. Many criticized such vloggers for confusing aspirants and thanked Mr. Sharan for highlighting the issue.

Public Reaction On IAS Officer's Stand On UPSC Preparations

One user wrote, ''Sir, I recently watched one of these vlogs. They are misleading us and not providing correct information about the related exams. Thank you, sir, for raising this type of issue. Secondly, it's not about how many hours one studies; it's about how much one can retain and reproduce. One will not get marks for the number of hours studied but for what one has written in one's answer sheet.''

Another commented, ''I'm wondering who watches this? They have found a new way of making money by creating FOMO.''

A third user wrote, ''That's what UPSC also expects from the aspirants, Quality, not Quantity!''

A fourth commenter added, ''I hope aspirants understand that productivity is what matters, not the number of hours spent in front of the books. Moreover, each aspirant should understand their capabilities and avoid copying others.''

A fifth commenter said, ''Thank you so much, @AwanishSharan sir, for addressing these misleading blogs and other fake videos that are now common on YouTube and other social media platforms.''

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