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Bengaluru Couple Shocked By Live Cobra In Amazon Package Instead Of Xbox Controller, Company Reacts

On Sunday, a Bengaluru couple discovered a spectacled cobra in an Xbox controller package ordered from Amazon. Despite receiving a full refund, they criticized Amazon for inadequate compensation and a lack of formal apology. The snake, immobilized by packaging tape, was safely relocated. Amazon has promised to investigate the incident.
09:38 AM Jun 19, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
bengaluru couple shocked by live cobra in amazon package instead of xbox controller  company reacts
Bengaluru Couple Discovers Cobra in Amazon Package

On Sunday, a couple in Bengaluru encountered an unexpected surprise in a package they had ordered online from Amazon. The couple, both software engineers, had purchased an Xbox controller but were shocked to find a spectacled cobra inside the package. According to reports, the venomous snake was fortunately immobilized by packaging tape, preventing it from causing any harm.

They captured a video of the incident and posted it on social media. 'We ordered an Xbox controller from Amazon two days ago and received a live snake in the package. The delivery partner handed the package directly to us, rather than leaving it outside. We live on Sarjapur Road and recorded the entire event on camera, with eyewitnesses present,' the customer explained, as reported.

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'Fortunately, the snake was stuck to the packaging tape and did not harm anyone in our household or apartment. Despite the danger, Amazon's customer support kept us on hold for over 2 hours, leaving us to handle the situation ourselves in the middle of the night. We have proof of this in videos and photos,' she added, as reported.

'We received a full refund, but what compensation do we get for risking our lives with a highly venomous snake? This is clearly a safety breach due to Amazon's negligence and inadequate transportation and warehousing hygiene and supervision. Where is the accountability for such a serious lapse in safety?' she asked, as reported.

In response to the video, Amazon tweeted, 'We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with your Amazon order. Please provide the necessary details here, and our team will investigate and get back to you with an update soon,' according to reports.

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The customer stated, 'They have provided a full refund, which was expected. However, we have not received any additional compensation or a formal apology beyond their usual 'we regret the inconvenience caused to you,' which I don't believe is sufficient. This situation is completely unacceptable to us as Amazon customers and to their delivery partner as an employee. It clearly breaches safety standards. Moreover, I doubt we will receive a satisfactory resolution anytime soon,' as reported.

The snake has been safely relocated away from public areas.

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