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Bengaluru Couple With ₹7 Lakh Monthly Income Seeks Spending Advice: 'Double Income, No Kids'

A Bengaluru-based man revealed that he and his wife earn a total of ₹7,000 a month but have no idea how to spend it fully.
02:35 PM Jun 18, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
bengaluru couple with ₹7 lakh monthly income seeks spending advice   double income  no kids
Financial Tips For ₹7 Lakh_Month Bengaluru Couple

Most often, people complain that they do not have enough money to live comfortably. However, a tech couple from Bengaluru recently shared the unusual dilemma of having enough money but not knowing where and how to spend it. A Bengaluru-based man revealed that he and his wife earn a total of ₹7,000 a month but have no idea how to spend it fully. He also asked users for advice on how to use the excess income.

The post was originally spotted on Grapevine, a platform where Indian professionals discuss salaries, jobs, and the economy. Later, Grapevine co-founder and CEO Saumil Tripathi shared a screenshot of the same on X, where it went viral.

''It's cool. Once upon a time, it was only Indian businessmen who had too many problems. But today we even see some common 30-year-olds in the service class facing real wealth problems,” Tripathi wrote while sharing the post on X.

See The Tweet Here:

According to the post, the husband and wife, both in their 30s, work as software engineers in Bengaluru. The husband revealed that their monthly income includes ₹7,000 and an annual bonus, of which they invest ₹2,000 in mutual funds. Meanwhile, their monthly expenses are ₹ 1.5 lahks. They live in a "good society" in Bengaluru, own a car, and don't think much before spending. The couple also has no children.

But at the end of the month, they still have more than ₹3 lakh in their bank accounts. ''You're not sure how to use it. We don't have a fancy "shauk" to spend so we don't want to spend more. Any suggestions," he wrote

Several users reacted to the man's strange dilemma and responded with both funny and practical solutions. Some suggested the couple take more vacations or buy a house, while others suggested investing in a business or donating to an animal welfare charity or orphanage.

One user said: "Invest the money. Create more passive income with it like rents, dividends, etc. Quit your job and do what you love or travel the world.''

Another joker: "Give it to me, I should not be paid. enough.''

A third user said: "It's rare to see people asking to spend money to take home at 7 LPM. Buy a house, upgrade a car, go on a luxury vacation, plan for a (future) baby. Isn't that obvious? ''

The fourth added: ''Maximize life experiences - take more vacations. Maximize future growth potential - invest more in public/private services (or real estate).''

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