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Viral Sensation: Student Assigns Heart Diagram Chambers To Crushes, Sparks Internet Buzz

A post on Instagram features a humorous anatomy exam answer, where a student replaced names of heart chambers with girls' names like Haritha, Priya, Pooja, Roopa, and Namitha. Each girl was humorously described, prompting the teacher to cancel the answer, awarding 0/10 and calling for a discussion with the student's parents.
12:36 PM Jun 21, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
viral sensation  student assigns heart diagram chambers to crushes  sparks internet buzz
Student's Heart Diagram For Crushes Goes Viral on Instagram

The internet is filled with humorous clips that delight audiences with comedic content. One such viral sensation circulating on Instagram features an anatomy diagram of a human heart from an exam paper. What makes this particular diagram special and amusing? It's the candidate's unconventional approach of replacing the names of the heart's chambers with names of girls: Haritha, Priya, Pooja, Roopa, and Namitha.

The candidate not only substituted the chamber names but also humorously assigned roles to each girl. Priya, known for chatting with him on Instagram, earned a special mention, while Roopa was praised for her interactions on Snapchat and described as beautiful and cute. Namitha was identified as his neighbor's daughter with striking features, and Pooja was acknowledged as his ex-lover whom he couldn't forget. The candidate concluded his answer by noting Haritha as his classmate.

However, the teacher responded by canceling the answer, awarding 0/10, and requesting a discussion with the candidate's parents.

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Social media users had a field day with the video, sharing hilarious reactions in the comments. One user quipped, "Student rocked, teacher shocked," while another suggested giving the student 2 marks for acing the heart diagram. Someone noted the striking similarity between the teacher's and student's handwriting, and others joked about the teacher only grading the last two names and leaving the rest unsigned.

In a similar incident from Pakistan, a video surfaced previously where a student, unable to answer a physics exam question, wrote lyrics from Ali Zafar's popular song "Jhoom". Zafar responded on Twitter, humorously advising students not to look for physics in his songs but to respect their teachers and studies.

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