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Internet Buzzing Over ₹3 Lakh Fee For Marriage Proposals For Daughter From Rich Families

On X, Mishka Rana shared that a friend's father paid a ₹3 lakh fee to exclusively receive proposals from families with a turnover exceeding ₹200 crore. Rana then inquired if others would consider doing something similar.
08:38 PM Apr 30, 2024 IST | simran rajpal
internet buzzing over ₹3 lakh fee for marriage proposals for daughter from rich families

A user on social media platform X shared an incident where a father went to great lengths to find the perfect match for his beloved daughters' happiness. The post claims that the man spent ₹ three lakh "as a fee" to receive marriage proposals from wealthy families - those with a turnover of more than ₹ 200 crore. This extravagant affair has captured netizens' attention and sparked a significant debate about the extent to which people are willing to spend on weddings.

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Netizens React To Weird Marriage Condition

Mishka Rana posted on X that a friend's dad paid ₹3 lakh as a fee to receive proposals exclusively from families with a turnover exceeding ₹200 crore. Rana asked others if they would be willing to do the same.

One user commented, "It makes sense. You have to pay a premium for high-quality leads." Another user commented, "It depends on the uncle's net worth, how much of it the daughter will inherit, or if the daughter is deserving of it (in terms of beauty, intellect, job, position, medals). Elites should marry elites; there is no harm in that." These comments started pouring in as the post quickly amassed nearly 2.5 lakh views.

A third user remarked, "This fee is a filter to get the creme de la creme. The matchmaker typically charges 1-2% of the total wedding expenses. The broker adjusts the initial fee paid with the ₹1-2 lakh earned from a wedding costing ₹1 crore." Another user commented, "It's a very very very VIP wedding." Although the post did not disclose any details about the family or the platform where the fee was paid, Ms. Rana did mention in a reply to a user that the father's net worth is "in crores."

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