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'Joota utha ke marugi': War of words broke out between two women in metro; Video surfaces

05:02 PM Aug 03, 2023 IST | Yashashvi Tak
 joota utha ke marugi   war of words broke out between two women in metro  video surfaces

New Delhi: Again, a video is going viral on social media from the Delhi metro, where two women can be seen fighting verbally for a seat. An Instagram user posted the video in two parts to make it accessible to a wide online audience.


In the video, two women can be seen in a heated exchange of words, but the exact cause of their altercation remains unclear, leading viewers to speculate about the triggering factors.

The video has stirred a lively online debate, as people express astonishment and concern over such incidents becoming commonplace on the Delhi metro. The diverse range of reactions on social media platforms highlights the varying opinions surrounding this particular incident.


Netizens Reactions

A user wrote, "Aunty is giving an audition for the big boss." Another user commented, "She seriously needs some professional help ." A third user wrote, "This kind of person should be blacklisted from using any public transportation." The fourth user wrote, "The little girl thought of 100 ways to finish off pink Walli aunty." The fifth user wrote, "I think now I understand why most young girls prefer to stand in common coach rather than sitting in women's only coach."

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