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Mumbai Police File Complaint Over Viral 'RAM'-Scribbled Goat Of Bakrid Festivities

The call for action against the butcher shop owner went viral on social media after several people tagged the Mumbai police to express their anger over the controversial move to print RAM on goat skin.
02:13 PM Jun 17, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
mumbai police file complaint over viral  ram  scribbled goat of bakrid festivities
Navi Mumbai

The sacrificial goat brought to the shop for sale during Eid-ul-Azha sparked an uproar in Navi Mumbai, leading to the registration of a case against three individuals and the sealing of the shop. The shopkeeper faces serious trouble due to the alleged attempt to offend religious sentiments.

This Case Is Of Navi Mumbai

In the CBD Belapur area of Navi Mumbai, police received a complaint that a shopkeeper was selling a goat for sacrifice with the word "Ram" written on it. Pictures that surfaced clearly show "Ram" written in yellow on the goat's body.

When the photo of the goat brought for sale at Goodluck Goat Meat Shop went viral, it sparked protests and someone lodged a complaint with the police. Some individuals attempted to create a ruckus over this issue. Subsequently, Navi Mumbai Police filed an FIR, detained the owner of the mutton shop, and arrested three people in total. The shop has also been sealed by the police.

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In the dispute, police reported that 22 goats were brought to the shop for sale, and one goat had a religious name written on its body. Based on the complaint, the police have arrested three people: Mohammad Shafi Shaikh, Sajid Shafi Shaikh, and Kuyyam. Additionally, the police have written a letter to the Municipal Corporation and other officials requesting the cancellation of the shop's license.

It Was Chaos Before

Last year, there was a significant uproar over keeping a goat in a flat inside the society in Mira Road, Mumbai. People stated that goats cannot be sacrificed in the society. It was argued that there is a rule prohibiting the bringing of any animals inside the society, hence all the goats brought for sacrifice should be removed.

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