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Ojas Mendiratta's Journey from Theatre to YouTube Stardom

Ojas Mendiratta widely recognized by his online persona 'Gulati' from his comedic videos, Ojas has become a prominent content creator and YouTuber.
02:21 PM May 21, 2024 IST | Udit Singh
ojas mendiratta s journey from theatre to youtube stardom
Ojas Mendiratta

Ojas Mendiratta widely recognized by his online persona "Gulati" from his comedic videos, Ojas has become a prominent content creator and YouTuber. His transition from studying Company Secretary (CS) to pursuing his passion for acting in theatre and later on YouTube showcases his remarkable talent and determination.

Ojas's path to YouTube success was not straightforward. Growing up in a middle-class family, he faced significant challenges in committing to a full-time career on YouTube. Despite the difficulties, he made the bold decision to abandon his CS studies and pursue his acting career through the platform. Initially, his videos garnered few responses, leading to periods of disappointment.

However over time, his content began to resonate with audiences, and his popularity grew. his journey was fraught with obstacles, but the unwavering support of his family kept him motivated. His mother Mrs. Suman Mendiratta, brother Gaurav Mendiratta, and fiancée Simran Dhamija have been his biggest supporters. Inspired by his Father Mr. Lalit Mendiratta's principles, Ojas strives to maintain a close connection with his subscribers. His efforts have been recognized with a "YouTube Silver Play Button."

Ojas Mendiratta was born on September 4, 1996, in New Delhi. He has completed his early education from Neo Convent School and graduated with B.Com Honors from the School of Open Learning at the University of Delhi. Initially, Ojas was preparing for a career as a Company Secretary (CS). However, his passion for acting led him to theatre, and eventually, he ventured into YouTube, where he demonstrated his impressive acting skills. Today, Ojas has amassed 800,000 subscribers on YouTube and is on the cusp of reaching the 1 million mark.

Beyond entertainment, Ojas is also dedicated to social work. Ojas is a volunteer in a socio-religious organisation guided by the fundamental spiritual beliefs found at the heart of most religions, under the mentorship of a living spiritual teacher. It is based in Beas district of Punjab. in COVID-19 they got the opportunity to do seva, and created a biggest quarantine center in Delhi in Bhati mines, Chhatarpur and there are many such things that they do on daily basis under this organisation. In addition to this, ojas think that entertaining people through healthy content and sensitising people on topics like menstruation, women empowerment etc is also a kind of social work which he is regularly doing in his videos.

Ojas Mendiratta's journey from a student of Company Secretary to a celebrated YouTuber and social advocate serves as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and family support. His story continues to inspire countless individuals who aspire to follow their dreams against all odds.

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