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Outrage on Social Media After Video Shows Traffic Cop Accused of Slapping Man's Pet Dog

Watch the viral video where a man confronts traffic police, alleging they slapped his pet dog. The incident has sparked outrage and heated debates on social media, with users expressing strong reactions to the alleged misconduct.
09:07 PM Jun 06, 2024 IST | Swechchha
outrage on social media after video shows traffic cop accused of slapping man s pet dog
Man criticizes traffic police for slapping his pet dog

In numerous cases, traffic officers have been seen to act excessively during interactions with potential violators of road rules. While their aim is likely to ensure road safety, their conduct and demeanor have often been deemed unacceptable in such instances. Recently, a man caused a commotion on the road after an alleged incident where a traffic police officer behaved improperly towards him and his pet dog.

The man recorded the incident on his phone's camera and later shared the video on social media. While the exact location and further details of the incident remain unclear, the video has garnered significant attention online.

An account named Ghar Ke Kalesh posted the video on the microblogging site with the caption, "Dispute on the road over 'Why did you slap my dog?'" The footage begins on a bustling street, showing a man expressing his frustration towards the traffic police officers present.

The chaotic scene caught the attention of several local residents, who gathered around the traffic police officers. The man alleged that a police officer slapped his pet dog without any justification, which provoked him. He then directed the camera towards his furry companion seated inside the car. The man also pointed out the traffic police officer who purportedly struck him in the face.

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The video elicited varied responses from social media users. Some believed the traffic policeman should face consequences for his actions, while others criticized the man for causing a disturbance in the middle of the road. One user commented, "Whatever the circumstances, the dog should not have been hit. It was not his fault; he was inside the car."

Since it was posted on X, the video has accumulated over 70,000 views, along with hundreds of likes and comments.

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