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Pune Teen's Reckless Instagram Reel Draws Ire And Calls For Arrest

Two Pune teenagers sparked outrage by performing a dangerous stunt for an Instagram reel, prompting social media users to demand police action. The video, showing a girl dangling from a fort-like structure while a boy held her hand, went viral on the X platform, emphasizing the need for responsible social media use.
03:32 PM Jun 20, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
pune teen s reckless instagram reel draws ire and calls for arrest
Two Pune teenagers perform a dangerous stunt for an Instagram reel, sparking social media outrage and calls for police action.

Two teenagers from Pune endangered themselves by performing a hazardous stunt while recording an Instagram reel, sparking outrage among social media users who called for the teenagers to be apprehended by police officials. The video quickly went viral on X platform.

To create a reel, a young girl was seen dangling from the edge of a structure resembling a fort, while a boy grasped her hand from above. At the same time, one of their friends was filming the scene.

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Social media users expressed their outrage by tagging police officials in the comments section of the post on X.

'Please look into this. It's extremely dangerous and a disaster waiting to happen,' one comment states. Another adds, 'They should be jailed to set an example for others. What is this obsession with fake likes and social media popularity?'

The post was inundated with angry comments: 'Even in movies, such scenes are created using VFX. Major movie stars use harnesses. Who are these foolish people, and why haven't they been arrested yet?'

Such reckless behavior, fueled by the desire for online attention, highlights the urgent need for responsible social media use and prioritizing safety over viral fame. As discussions continue about the consequences and lessons from this incident, it serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers linked to the pursuit of online popularity.

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