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Reality Shows Like MasterChef Are Unreal: Michelin-star Chef Suvir Saran | WATCH

In the latest ANI podcast, Michelin-Star chef Suvir Saran spoke on the truth behind reality shows such as MasterChef and on which city is better in terms of food - Mumbai or Delhi.
03:43 PM Jun 13, 2024 IST | Riwa Singh
reality shows like masterchef are unreal  michelin star chef suvir saran   watch
Suvir Saran Masterchef

Reality shows have boomed in the Indian television industry more than soap operas in the second decade of the 21st century. The viewers have taken it for opportunities for those who have no reach or recommendations. But Michelin-star chef Suvir Saran has said something that might stir a discourse on social media.

Reality of 'Reality shows'

In an interview for ANI with Smita Prakash, Suvir Saran spoke about his experience at the reality show MasterChef. He said, "MasterChef was fully fun, the contestants are very brave. I could see the wealth of India but behind all of this is a team of professionals. Reality TV is very unreal."

Delhi or Mumbai? Chef answered

Answering on which is the restaurant capital of the world, he said - New York, London, Paris. In the Indian context, he mentioned Bombay and said that there's more serious food. Over the ages-long debate on which city is better in terms of food, Delhi or Bombay, he preferred the latter and added that in Delhi every food is served in the Punjabi version: Punjabi South Indian, Punjabi Chinese, Punjabi Italian, Punjabi Vietnamese...

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Over his relationship with his partner, Charlie, the chef said that he knew he loved a man and society wouldn't approve of it and that he had to deal with it. He also admitted that he thought he would be beaten to death for his relationship.

Suvir Saran appeared as a guest judge in an episode of the cookery-based reality show - MasterChef India season 8. The jury members of this season were Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, and Pooja Dhingra.

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