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Rent Me For A Date: Says Girl In Viral Instagram Reel, Displays Her Full Menu

A 'girlfriend on rent' Instagram reel experiment turned viral sensation navigates unexpected emotional highs and lows, fueled by social media dynamics and personal intentions.
02:28 PM Jun 21, 2024 IST | Swechchha
rent me for a date  says girl in viral instagram reel  displays her full menu
Instagram Reel 'Girlfriend on Rent'

When Divya Giri, a 25-year-old content writer from Gurugram, pressed the share button on her Instagram, she couldn't foresee that what started as an experiment and a joke would eventually leave her 'heartbroken'.

"I shared that reel after witnessing a similar trend in Japan. Since I didn't have a website, I chose to upload it on my Instagram," Divya explains. She clarifies that the intention behind seeking money for a date stemmed from three reasons, none of which were related to financial gain.

The workings of Instagram's algorithm are consistently enigmatic, often making viral phenomena difficult to predict. Nevertheless, factors such as relatability and shareability play crucial roles in determining popularity. Occasionally, a reel can provoke laughter and capture widespread attention, even making headlines.

A recent viral reel that caught widespread attention and surprised many featured 'a girl offering to go on a date in exchange for money.'

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In the Instagram reel, the message is clear: "Rent me for a date and let's make unforgettable memories together." This date, as the reel emphasizes, comes with a price tag.

Prices and the experiences offered for these dates.

- Chill Coffee Date: Rs 1500
- Standard Date (Dinner & Movie): Rs 2000
- Meeting with Family: Rs 3000
- Event Companion: Rs 3500
- Bike Date (holding hands and more): Rs 4000
- Public Post about Our Date: Rs 6000


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Additionally, there are "add-ons" available for your date, offering experiences such as:

- Cooking Together at Home: Rs 3500
- Shopping Spree: Rs 4500
- Weekend Getaway (2 Days): Rs 10,000

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Divya's reel not only achieved viral status but also generated significant buzz. The video has now garnered over 9.1 million views and received more than 10,000 comments. Here are a few of the 'decent' ones we've selected for you to see.

As strange as the concept of renting oneself may sound, so is the notion of resorting to name-calling and being unkind to someone you've never met in the comments section.

Money Was Never The Motivation Behind This

'I discovered this renting trend in Japan, where renting a boyfriend became quite popular, especially around Valentine's Day,' Divya explains.

According to her, she aimed to replicate something similar in India with specific intentions.

Firstly, she wanted to gauge 'people's reactions to it," and secondly, she shared it as a jest. However, she was open to the idea of going on a date if, as she put it, "he met her standards.'

'Money was never the primary motivation for this. I have a job and a supportive family. I introduced the money aspect to filter out certain individuals and avoid going out with creeps,' explains Divya.

'I genuinely expected to receive positive feedback, go out with a stranger, and have a good time,' she adds.

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