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Senior NCC cadet hits students with stick during training; Video goes viral

01:11 PM Aug 04, 2023 IST | Yashashvi Tak
senior ncc cadet hits students with stick during training  video goes viral

Mumbai: A video is going viral on social media where a man can be seen hitting a group of eight young men who were in push-up positions in muddy soil. The incident involved National Cadet Corps (NCC) members in training at Bandodkar College in Thane, near Mumbai.

In the video, a senior NCC cadet can be seen holding a stick and hitting other NCC cadets on their backs for not being able to execute a challenging drill. Some of the cadets were visibly upset and seen crying in the video, which was recorded by a college student from behind a window.

The college principal, Suchitra Naik, has taken the matter seriously and stated that such behaviour will not be tolerated. She assured that appropriate action will be taken against the senior student involved in the incident.

She said, "He is an NCC student. Action will be taken. But I would also like to tell you that a lot of good work has been done here by the NCC."

She added, "NCC training has been taking place here for almost 40 years. This incident happened in the absence of the teacher. It is evident from the act that what the student did, only mentally ill people can do."

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