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Shocking Video: Men Taunt Wild Elephant, What Happened Next Will Leave You Speechless

A video depicting a disturbing incident of men attempting to intimidate an elephant using slippers is doing rounds on social media.
07:04 PM Dec 09, 2023 IST | Malika Sahni
shocking video  men taunt wild elephant  what happened next will leave you speechless

A viral video circulating on X (formerly Twitter) has reignited outrage over human-animal conflicts. Shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan, the footage depicts a disturbing incident of men attempting to intimidate an elephant using slippers in Assam, raising significant concerns about human-wildlife interactions.

In the video, a group of men stands below an elephant perched on elevated ground, trying to scare it away by waving slippers. The tension escalates as more individuals join in the misguided attempt. However, the situation quickly intensifies as the elephant charges toward the group, prompting a retreat before the video ends.

Mr. Kaswan accompanied the video with a strong message: "Identify the real animal here. Then these giants charge and we call them killers. Don't ever do this, it's life-threatening. Video is from Assam."

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Since its sharing on Thursday, the video has garnered over 91,000 views and received over 1,300 likes, sparking a heated online debate. While many expressed shock at the audacity of the men involved, others emphasized the inherent risks of provoking a wild elephant.

"Putting their lives in extreme danger," remarked one user, while another urged to "book them...put them behind bars." Questions arose among users about why the men were teasing the animal, emphasizing the need for forest departments across the country to undertake educational initiatives regarding such interactions.

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