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Six Planets To Align: Rare Cosmic Event Visible From These Indian Cities

Observing the planets just before sunrise may be challenging due to their proximity to the Sun. Saturn and Mars will be prominently visible in the eastern morning sky, with the crescent Moon adding to the view.
02:26 PM Jun 02, 2024 IST | Aniket Raj
six planets to align  rare cosmic event visible from these indian cities
Six Planets

A unique planetary alignment is poised to illuminate the night sky, offering a breathtaking celestial show that astronomy lovers will not want to overlook. The best time to observe this planetary alignment is on June 3, 2024, although the event will be visible for several days before and after this date.

Planetary alignment is a phenomenon where the planets in the solar system seem to align in a straight line or nearly so, as seen from Earth. This alignment can manifest in various configurations.

This planetary parade, showcasing Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune, promises a visual feast for sky gazers. According to the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bengaluru, Jupiter will be closer to the Sun before June 3, but as the week progresses, Mercury will take its place.

However, observing these planets close to the horizon just before sunrise may be challenging due to their proximity to the Sun.

During this planetary alignment, Saturn will prominently shine in the eastern morning sky, appearing yellowish, with Mars positioned below in a reddish hue. The Moon will also appear in its crescent phase, adding to the celestial panorama.

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About 20 minutes before sunrise, Jupiter and Mars will be visible, with Mercury positioned less than 10 degrees above the eastern horizon. Uranus and Neptune, which are known for their faintness, will remain elusive to the naked eye, while Venus will be too close to the Sun for observation.

Contrary to popular belief, the planets will not appear larger than usual during this alignment. The alignment is not a perfect straight line; instead, it results from the planets' orbits being approximately in the same plane, with slight inclinations from Earth's orbit known as the Ecliptic.

According to experts, the planetary alignment could be seen from across India, provided there are clear skies ahead of sunrise.

For those eager to witness this cosmic spectacle, setting an alarm to catch a glimpse of the planetary parade before sunrise each day this week will offer a chance to marvel at the beauty and wonder of our solar system in action.

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