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US Man Wins $400,000 Lottery With Help Of Friend's Social Media Post, Here’s How

US man's $400,000 lottery win, sparked by friend's $100 win on social media, leads to life-changing decision. Brooks plans to pay off mortgage and support family with newfound wealth.
08:51 PM Jun 12, 2024 IST | Swechchha
us man wins  400 000 lottery with help of friend s social media post  here’s how
US man Won $400,000 lottery prize

A stroke of luck came Melvin Brooks' way recently when he won a staggering $400,000 lottery prize. Brooks, a resident of the United States, credits his win to a social media post by a friend who had won a mere $100 on a scratch-off ticket. Inspired by his friend's win, Brooks decided to try his luck at the lottery, a decision that proved to be life-changing.

The windfall came about after Brooks saw his friend's social media post announcing their $100 win. The post sparked a thought in Brooks' mind: "Why not try my luck?" he recounted to reporters. Acting on this impulse, Brooks visited the nearest convenience store and purchased a scratch-off ticket for himself.

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The lucky ticket, which turned out to be worth a whopping $400,000, was bought at a Circle A Food Store located on North Main Street in Mount Holly. Brooks' newfound wealth will not only allow him to finally pay off his mortgage but also provide him with the opportunity to share his good fortune with his family.

Melvin Brooks arrived at lottery headquarters on Monday to claim his $286,001 winnings after deducting required state and federal taxes.

Brooks announced his plans to use his winnings to pay off his mortgage and support his wife and daughters. The $400,000 jackpot game, introduced in April, offers five $400,000 top prizes. As of now, four $400,000 prizes remain unclaimed.

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