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Watch: Kite Surfer Stranded On Remote US Beach Uses Rocks To Spell 'Help,' Rescued

Cal Fire's San Mateo-Santa Cruz unit said on Facebook that a stranded person used rocks to create a large 'HELP' message on the beach.
09:26 AM Jun 12, 2024 IST | News24 Desk
watch  kite surfer stranded on remote us beach uses rocks to spell  help   rescued

In a resourceful self-rescue, a kitesurfer at Davenport Landing Beach in Northern California called for help using a method as old as time itself. Cal Fire's San Mateo-Santa Cruz unit said on Facebook that the stranded person used rocks to create a large 'HELP' message on the beach, which was later spotted by a private helicopter pilot who contacted emergency services, according to the report.

The cared-for man was in good physical condition and was airlifted away from the remote beach.

Cal Fire's San Mateo-Santa Cruz unit wrote on Facebook: A kitesurfer was rescued from a beach south of Davenport Landing after becoming stranded. He used rocks on the beach to write 'HELP'. He was spotted by a private helicopter which then called 911. CAL FIRE, Santa Cruz County Fire, CAL FIRE Santa Clara Unit Helicopter 612, Santa Cruz Fire Department, and California State Parks The surfer did not require medical attention, but assistance from the beach.

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'It was a different kind of emergency call than usual,' California Department of Forest Fire Capt. Skylar Merritt told the Los Angeles Times. 'At least the helicopter spotting him made it a lot faster so he didn't have to worry about hypothermia or dehydration.'

According to the report, Merritt said the rescued man was an experienced windsurfer, but conditions later became very difficult in the area.

Merritt said the man was spotted within hours of landing on the beach, which made the recovery easier.

'It was a combination of good-sized surf and what they call a windbreak,' Merritt said, describing a situation where high bluffs block the wind from the nearby ocean, reducing surfers' ability to control their boards. 'Conditions can be difficult to predict because conditions change very, very quickly.'

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