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Watch video: Long queue emerge in Ghaziabad's high-rise to buy cheap tomatoes

12:47 PM Aug 05, 2023 IST | Yashashvi Tak
watch video  long queue emerge in ghaziabad s high rise to buy cheap tomatoes

Ghaziabad: A viral video shows a long queue of people at a high-rise society in Ghaziabad, eagerly waiting to purchase cheap tomatoes. The footage captures the scene at Mahagun Society, where the administration has been selling tomatoes at the rate of Rs. 130 per kg. The enthusiastic response from the crowd might give the impression that the tomatoes are being given away for free.

Tomato has now crossed Rs 200 per kg in the Ghaziabad market. In such a situation, Mandi Parishad, District Administration and Municipal Corporation have made arrangements to sell tomatoes at reasonable rates in many places.

Market Inspector KR Verma said that Sahibabad vegetable market receives tomatoes from Indore, Himachal, Shimla and Bangalore. Due to rains in the hilly areas, at present tomatoes are coming only from Shimla. Along with the decrease in arrival, the quality is also getting affected due to getting wet in the rain. President of Modinagar Fruit and Vegetable Market Union, Jogesh Nehra said that relief will be available only when the traffic becomes normal in the hilly areas.

Satveer Chauhan and Rampal, agents of Sahibabad Mandi, said that for the first time, the wholesale price of tomatoes has reached Rs 130 per kg. In 2017, it reached Rs 100 a kg during the rainy season. The prices increase by 20 to 30 per cent during the rains. This time it has more than doubled.

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